Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez: You’re Lucky to Have Me!

Justin Bieber may have the physique of a 12-year-old and the style of Vanilla Ice’s little brother, but at least he’s an awesome boyfriend, right? Wrong, darlings. My spies at Star magazine tell me that Justin frequently tells girlfriend Selena Gomez she’s “beyond lucky” to have him as a BF and that he’s “too good” for her. But just as Sel reaches the end of her rope and decides to dump him, he woos her back with grand gestures a la their Titanic-sized date at the Staples Center.

Do you agree with Justin, that he could easily trade up from SG? Or will Sel soon get the memo that she doesn’t have to weigh more than her boyfriend?

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  1. kaela Said:

    chances are if you have to say you’re too good for someone… then you’re not. Talk about egotistical! It’s your friend’s job to tell you when you’re too good for the person you’re with.. accompanied by that said person treating you like crap. When someone says “you’re lucky to have me, I’m too good for you” I take that as emotional abuse towards the other party… a way to beat them down and make them feel like shit and like they have to change themselves to be to their ‘holy’ standards

  2. MegMikaelson Said:

    he seems like a self-centred, pathetic little boy.. oh wait.. thats exactly what he is… SHE is WAY too good for him… If she lets him treat her like that she wont be happy for long. I hope SG acts like the 20 years-old she is and dumps this child…

  3. ggada Said:

    OMG! break up already! Sel is so much better than kid…Like I don’t know why they are together anyway.She is like way better than him she has always been better than him and she will always be better than him!!thees are the facts!

  4. cyndel Said:

    Dump him already SG i mean you are way too good for him anyway. Come on girl do act like the grownupp you are and leave the baby!

  5. GossipGirlS Said:

    Ha ha ha Justin Bieber acting just like the child he is… surprise surprise

  6. jbsgforever12 Said:

    sg is kinda luck to have him because he could date any girl but he dates her and jb is lucky to have her because she could date any guy she wanted

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