Caption This: Justin Bieber Among the Sharks

Spotted: Justin Bieber dipping his feminine little feet into the crystalline waters at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club in the Bahamas and feeding–le gasp!–sharks! Apparently nurse sharks paddle around the docks happily, just waiting to make a meal out of a 120 pound Candian pop star.

But JB–ever the total bad ass, darlings–took his life into his delicate hands and mingled with the maneaters anyway. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS!

So loves, for a few extra giggles help me complete this sentence:

The sharks didn’t bite Justin because they hear he tastes like __________! 


  1. gabs Said:


  2. nuala Said:

    Too much cologne!

  3. Alice Said:


  4. Heather Said:

    Nurse sharks are docile and don’t bite/attack unless provoked.

  5. Haley Said:


  6. Cindy Said:

    Pan. Lol

  7. Emily Said:

    hes actually too much of a pussy

  8. Allison Said:

    His own vomit. Ya know. From getting wasted so often and vomiting on himself. But I’m sure he’s proud of it.

  9. Queen B. Said:

    A girl

  10. HeavensHeroin Said:

    a wet cunt on a hot sunny day

  11. LOL Said:

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  12. sassygirl16 Said:


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