WTF Alert: Justin Bieber Spits on His Fans!

That’s it, Justin Bieber. THAT IS IT. I am over you like I’m over lucite heels (too stripper-y), hobo purses (you can’t find anything inside) and closed-toe wedges (just…no). Why, you ask? I spied him spitting off his hotel balcony in Toronto onto his fans! And this isn’t idle gossip, Beliebers, I have pics to prove it:

Um…seriously Justin? Spitting is gross no matter what but to degrade your fans–the people who’ve made you rich and famous, BTW–is just beyond. Some say that it’s still not certain that his fans were directly underneath his saliva bomb, but JB has been known to use slobber as a weapon before, spitting on a neighbor, a lady at the gym and a nightclub DJ.

Are you as disgusted as I am by this darlings? Or is there totally a plausible explanation for JB hocking a loogie on his not-so-beloved Beliebers?

justin bieber


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  1. ZAHARA Said:


  2. zainy Said:

    This is nothing true the media is just trying to make him look bad see his Instagram he loves his fans. Yes he was sitting but not on his fans :)

  3. Karen Said:

    He has no respect for the people who brought him to the top – who made him have all the fame and money. I hope karma gets to him fast.

  4. Tiffany Said:

    Is that Bieber or Miley?

  5. kristina Said:

    Justin Bieber is a no-talent punk.

  6. Gemma Said:

    He wasn’t spitting ON the fans. Get your info straight.

  7. Mia Said:

    i lost respect for Justin

  8. Jokoya Said:

    You are so stupid it hurts along with the fools who commented talking shit. Justin never spitted on his fans. He did in the trash can like a normal person. Don’t twist pics to fit you incredibly stupid persona. Put of all the dumb shit your petty 13 year old ass has reported this by far has been your biggest fuck up. Tell your parents to take your computer till you develop a brain. Cause your obsession with bashing Justin with the pile of bullshit that comes out of the crack of your ass is fail.

  9. Richerthanjustin Said:

    Pendejo de mierda

  10. Diana Said:

    OMG! how gross! I never was bieber fan but this is just beyond normal behavior, this is completely crazy, disrespectful and (again) GROSS

  11. Diana Said:

    @Jokoya: why the hell are you on his side, what did he ever do to you to deserve such trust and love? how can you be sure he didn’t do it? spitting is GROSS nevermind where his spit ended

  12. Carley Said:

    B????lyk crusly who doeznt knw about photo mix?…plz tell us sumthng convincing

  13. Sarah Said:

    Well…he’s Justin Bieber. You should’ve expected something like that from him. He’s just unrespectful and dumb.

  14. ak Said:

    haha all i’m laughing at right now @Jakoya. don’t call someone stupid when you just said “spitted”. and as for justin bieber he’s ridiculous. his music sucks, but i’m not feeding in to the tabloids. he does dumb shit then fine. we have no idea what is true or false. stop giving him this kind of publicity and maybe he will do some good with his career (if the bad is even true)

  15. blah Said:

    @Jokoya It doesn’t matter who spits, bottomline it’s a disgusting act. Just because he is a “celebrity” it doesn’t mean he is an excemption. Spitting is a health hazzard!

  16. Melissa Salcedo Said:

    He is leaning over a balcony. Where is the trashcan? What kind of hotel has a trashcan in front of a balcony window?? You can see his elbow hanging on a ledge.

  17. Edna Said:

    Really?!?! He pees in a mop bucket at restaurant and now spits on fans? Can he be more disgusting. And yet fans still eat it up. I’m sorry but he needs be knocked down his pedestal and get a reality check. Just cause he’s famous doesn’t mean he has the right to be disrespectful especially to his fans who made him who he is. Sometimes I wonder where his mom in all this. Be parent not friend.

  18. E. Said:

    Ugh. I never liked him anyway

  19. Bella Salgado Said:

    Oh my gosh i hate that little punk..he is soo obnoxious!!! and @jakoya!! just shut the fuck up…u obviously dont know what you’re saying…what has Justin Beaver done for u…nothing…has he made u famous…obviously not!!! if you are still being stupid ,ignorant, bitchy and commenting on shit that is obviously true saying that its not then ur obviously still a nobody…but anyway has he wiped your!! he has done nothing for u so just stop arguing and admit that hes a little bitch!!

  20. EBravo Said:

    @Diana @ak @blan @Bella Salgado I’m not saying I agree or disagree with @jakoya but really guys?! Why are you here criticizing JB for spitting last time I checked a huge amount of people do it, yeah it’s disguising but talking shit just makes you look like a jealous b****. @ak No just NO you have us laughing with your jealousy comment don’t tell me if you were in JB place you wouldn’t be having a crazy life like him! And finally@Bella Salgado how the f*** do you know if its true did you check!

  21. julie white Said:

    -Bieber gets caught spitting on his fans
    – Bieber fans be all like Omgz guys! Justin wud nvr do this!!! Ur jus a bunch of haterz nbitches!!!!
    Justin can literally spit on his fans and laugh at them while taking their money. Disgusting…but impressive.

  22. Chances Leigh Said:

    LMAO.. u got some real manners in there JB..

  23. Roll Dog Said:

    I am not really surprised.

    I still believe that Bieber will improve his behavior.

  24. Bella Salgado Said:

    @ EBravo actually if u do not see his fucking elbow on the side of the fucking balcony then you must be fucking mentally challenged….and yes..i checked…if not i wouldn’t be saying shit so if u dont have anything intelligent to say shut the fuck up…and believe me nobodys jealous of this little snotty ass, spoiled brat…yes its disgusting…but its even worse when u spit on people and much much worse when those people are your fans!! Its just straight up rude!!

  25. sarah Said:

    am i the only one who would never wash their face if Justin Bieber spit on it

  26. XOXO44 Said:

    And the fans what they were doing? Surely arguing about who should win the spitting!

  27. Twitchy Said:


  28. Anna Said:

    Get your facts right. Yes, Justin has been miss behaving lately, but I seriously do not think that he would ever spit on his beliebers, they are the ones that got him to where he is, yes, with his hard work, but if you don’t have a fan base, all the hard work will be for nothing. I think he spitted through another window and someone photoshoped it so that it would look like he spitted on his fans.

  29. Epinoia Said:

    Seems that a trailer park is missing its trash.

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  31. Sigrid Said:

    Onacceptable, he’s off the rails big time, his family must be so proud off him ;)

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