Busted! Justin Bieber Steals a Security Guard’s Bike

I can’t belieb Justin Bieber would do this… oh who am I kidding? Of course I can. Thanks to some amazing security cam footage and my friends over at TMZ, I spied the tiny terror thinking that he was on top of the world, only to be brought down by a couple of guys much larger than him… Ha and ha, darlings.

Here’s what happened: JB and his friends were at a Las Vegas casino back in September and spotted a security guard’s helmet and bicycle in the hallway. Justin–ever the entitled lad–picks up the helmet that is left on a desk and then puts it back down. Clearly he’s way too badass for that… Then, he grabs the bike and takes it on a little joyride around the empty halls while his entourage follows behind him. But they didn’t get far before some beefed up guards met up with him and told him to get off the bike. Justin gets off, hands the bike over, and gets a stern talking to by the guards. You can watch the whole thing here:

Of course this video comes amid other JB-related scandals including an alleged visit to a brothel, a graffiti investigation, and an after-party turned creepy stalker fest. Darlings, is it about time Justin gives up his bad-boy ways or do you think it’s something he can’t control?


  1. Stephanie Said:

    You’d think he would get over this phase by now especially since it cost him love of his life, Selena. She couldn’t take it anymore either. I love Justin and think he’s extremely talented, but he needs better influences, in other words, lose the trouble-feeding friends!

  2. Jill Said:

    Honestly I don’t know why GG still writes about him! He’s so not worth the attention! -.-

  3. ✔ THE LADY ✔ Said:

    Why are you posting about a “swaggy” imbecile who will never learn he needs to go to the potty instead of the pants.

  4. ✔ THE LADY ✔ Said:


  5. anongalxoxo Said:

    He needs to stop being such an arrogant brat . He has lost sight of what is important . Family , friends and love . Now it seems he just cares about himself . I hear he even spat on some of his fans and he also has been hours late to concerts . This bad boy needs to go good before he blows it all away. I still believe he can turn it around and I hope he does , I miss his old self xoxo

  6. Aimee Said:

    He rode a bike that he found in a hall way, wow omg so bad, how could he, such a bad influence. Seriously guys, he is only 19 give the kid a break, most guys his age i know would do the exact same thing! Love ya biebs xx

  7. Adeela Said:

    Honestly, if you think that Justin Bieber is okay with getting away with what ever he’s doing just because he’s Justin Bieber then you’re very wrong. Just because he’s famous doesn’t give him the rights to do anything, he needs to stay in his limits and know that he can’t cross them and that if he does there will be consequences.

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