First Look: Justin Bieber’s Album Art for “Believe: Acoustic”

You know I love Justin Bieber–I have a strange way of showing my approval sometimes–so I was delighted to see a peek at his new album cover for Believe: Acoustic…but all of that excitement quickly turned to confusion. Take a peek and see if you can guess why…


Justin’s hair, face and certainly that bizarre Michael Jackson Dangerous-esque jacket all seems authentic…but don’t those hands seem kind of…random? This album cover to me looks like Justin’s head paired up with someone else’s hands. It’s not a bad look, mind you, just a rather bizarre one.

Am I sipping a little too much eggnog loves? Tell me if you belieb that this is all JB on his new album…XOXO.


  1. ggada Said:

    h8 justin

  2. kathielee Said:

    I don’t see anything off with JB’s album cover , it looks fine juss as it is to me <3

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