Hot Mess: Justin Bieber’s FOUR New Tattoos

Surprise surprise, but I’m not a huge fan of tattoos on girls or gents. Why I can’t imagine carrying the same bag for more than a month, how would I not get sick of something on my skin forever? I am also not a fan of Justin Bieber lately, so when those two things intersect–tats and JB–you can imagine how much of a hot mess it becomes.

Last night Justin took to Instagram to show off not one, not two but FOUR brand new tattoos, all small and all lame. Let’s take a look at them, shall we minions?

Tattoo #1: a clock…or compass?

justin bieber


Because…he can…tell time? I have no idea. At least it blends into the rest of his sleeve and serves to camouflage those ropey spaghetti arms. Wise move, Jussy.

Tattoo #2: a music note

justin bieber


Really Jussy, behind the ear? I thought that location was reserved for strippers and Miley Cyrus? And I don’t think you needed the music note, we’re all painfully aware that you sing. Still.

Tattoos 3 and 4: a joker and “love”

justin bieber


?!?!? The thing I hate about Jussy’s tattoos is that they don’t even kind of look like they go together. Most people who cover themselves in 20 tats go for a common theme so they look like complementary pieces of art. Not Justin. This logo-like jester–because he’s so funny LOLZ!–and that horrendous faux-gangsta “love” are just over-the-top awful.

Justin, should you get hauled to jail for that egg mess, having a bunch of disjointed inkings isn’t going to fool your cellmate into thinking you’re hardcore.

Tell me minions, which of JB’s new body mods are the worst? And yes, “all of them” is a totes acceptable answer…XOXO.


  1. caitlin Said:


  2. Lajt Said:

    That’s a violin key, not ‘a music note’, but it’s horrible nonetheless.

  3. holly Said:


  4. Zac Said:

    ^Actually Lajt, its called a treble clef (more specifically a G clef), its the most commonly used clef in sheet music, especially in modern vocal music.

  5. Tiffany Brown Said:

    The compass represents the masons who are ultimately connected w illuminati who own the music business where most have to sell their soul to make it, the love and joker together are one tat symbolizing that love is a joke in the music industry because of its ties. Its all one message because he got it and displayed it together.

  6. Ashleigh Said:

    It’s actually a treble clef lol.

  7. lana Said:

    it is a treble clef not a violin key you absolute fucktard.

  8. Hannah VenDetta Said:

    his tattoos are horrendous and so is he…enough said

  9. Emily Said:

    Lol, Lajit is a complete moron.

  10. no please Said:

    ugh no
    uber lame

  11. mrs bieber Said:

    WoOW wonderful i like it really it is sooo beautiful
    i fell soo sorry for hater beacuse they are jealous but really they are liked inside

  12. Jeffrey Said:

    Despite the place of his tattoos I like them all.

  13. Diamond Said:

    I dont know wich one is the worst, the “love” or compas they are both so lame..
    Normaly I think he is okay but this tatoo-thing is just too much..

  14. lotte Said:

    its his body he can do what he wants if these tattoos are meaningful to him. can you just stop hating on him, its not like you know him personal. its his life his decisions. everyone his age sometimes do stupid things, for him its even harder because hes under constant pressure and milions of people watching his every step and judging him.

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