WTF Alert: Bieber’s New Babe is Married?

Justin Bieber continues to scale the heights of bad decision making by getting involved with a busty new babe who just happens to come with a lot of baggage–like a husband.

justin bieber girlfriend


Apparently 22-year-old Vegas waitress Jordan Ozuna wed her high school sweetheart right after graduation, and while their marital bliss only lasted a few years, she hasn’t bothered to actually, you know, get divorced. Not that JB cares.

“She was sitting on his lap and they were kissing,” tattles a spy who caught them locking lips at some indoor skydiving place in LV, where he was promptly banned for life. “Right before the flight, in a second waiting room area, he laid down on her left side, and he had his head between her legs and had his cap half-covering his face. She was caressing him on the head and shoulders.”

Clearly, this is a romance to last the ages. I just can’t help but wonder what Selena thinks about all of this. Do you think she would mess around with someone’s husband? Or should JB pursue his passions even if her left hand ring finger is occupied?


  1. melissa Said:

    LOL!!! one desperate *%$#@. Bieber looks like a 13 y.o. girl. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  2. doris anderson Said:

    who cares!!!!!!!!

  3. Maria Magdalena Said:

    Oh Bieber, sweet Bieber. What are you doing?

  4. F. Said:

    “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

  5. saygerjel Said:

    Where is your comment Honey

  6. sijela Said:

    hide your kids, HIDE YOUR WIFES, hide your husbands cause justin bieber is rapping everybody

  7. saygerjel Said:

    i can’t see your comment yet bonny

  8. erin Said:

    So? If she’s 100% separated from the guy it doesn’t matter that she’s not divorced yet. Is this really worth writing an article about?

  9. Ruth Said:

    Oh lord. Who cares what Justin does? This just gets him more publicity.
    If you’re hating on Justin, you are still talking about him.

  10. Vernon Alarcon Said:

    Most women in Vegas is hoes and Justine is jusa lil’ girl having sum fun

  11. VegasBabe Said:

    Oh Justin, will you ever learn? He’s trying to live like a rockstar but he’s actually just a jerk. I mean really? A married woman? Baby, you’re not even 12 yet

  12. notesso Said:

    She looks like porn star isis taylor

  13. shamerea Said:

    omg jb you were cute to me but nie some wrong with yo head boy i know yo momma taught you betta than this

  14. E F Said:

    i totally love justin but he is going to end like the most famous guys, im talking about that he does drugs and that he is sleeping around with different girls…he is a really Bad Boy.

    xoxo Girl from sweden

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