Justin Ditches His Family Dinner–To Hang With Selena!

Spotted: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez having a gay old time at Dave & Buster’s in Manhattan after his performance at Madison Square Garden. The pair played games, raced cars and took a spin on the indoor roller coaster. Personally I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere that the words “xxxtreme jalapeno poppers” occur on the menu, but J & S’s typical teenage date does sound rather charming.

Unfortunately not every was so amused, namely JB’s family who had organized a private dinner at tres chic Upper East Side eatery Phillipe. Justin and Selena simply didn’t show up to the dinner, which hosted his grandparents, sister and about 30 friends–all in his honor.

I don’t expect much from Justin in the manners department, but Selena? Shameful, my dear! Don’t you two know that fame comes and goes but family (whether you like it or not) is forever?

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  1. ggada Said:

    Selena<3 Justin</3

  2. PrincessN94 Said:

    akkhhh seriously ? I were really happy when they broke up, I don’t want them together again </3

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