Is Justin Timberlake’s Secret Track About Britney Spears?

Could Justin Timberlake be sending secret messages to his former flame Britney Spears in a secret track on his new album? One can only hope! (Sorry, Jessica Biel…)

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears


According to people who have too much time on their hands to analyze songs (thanks, guys!), one theory is that Justin’s hidden track (5 minutes and 23 seconds after the final song) is about him wanting to save Brit Brit. Check out the lyrics:

“And if I had a pair of wings/I’d pick you and fly you far away from here/And we’d fly so high up in the sky/Where the stars are so clear/And then I could save you/From the troubles of the world/And all you’d have to pack is your heart to bring/And there we are, you and me/Flying on a big ol’ pair of wings.”

While it doesn’t blatantly scream “Britney, bitch,” if you compare it to one of her songs, it seems like it is a response piece:

“Everytime I try to fly/I fall without my wings/I feel so small/I guess I need you baby/And everytime I see you in my dreams/I see your face, it’s haunting me/I guess I need you baby.”

What do you think, dolls? Am I wanting the denim-matching teen dream power couple to reunite too much, or could there actually be something here? Tell me your thoughts in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Melissa Said:

    I think you’re pushin’ so hard :) I mean Everytime is a very old song of her. In my opinion neither JT nor Brit gave a chance to this misunderstanding :)

  2. Jessica Said:

    He’s a happy married man leave him alone

  3. chelsey Said:

    yes & he constantly brings her up or talks about her

  4. Jen Said:

    as much as my 12 year old self wishes this were true, I highly doubt it.

  5. Jonathan Said:

    even more recently on Britney’s femme fatal album the lyrics to criminal say “he’s got my name tattooed on his arm his lucky charm”… meanwhile Justin Timberlake new song the Holy Grail says ” I’ve got it tattooed on my sleeve forever in ink with guess whose name”… no I don’t think your imagining it

  6. Sofie Said:

    Theres something there diffently! :-) Hehe

  7. laura Said:

    We can only hope ;)

  8. Brittany Said:

    Of course its about Brit. Justin said once that he sends messages to be through his music. Also, there is a part in the song when he talks about “they are” growing older and older and the world is getting colder. Meaning, more time keeps going by w/o them being together. We can only hope :)

  9. Shaolin's Finest Said:

    well the thing is, even though Everything was an old song, it was about him.

  10. wishGal Said:

    I just only wish Britney and Justin back together..Sweet Couple Ever… Forever….

  11. Brooke Said:

    It’s about her! I think he’s wrote a lot of songs about her that we may not even realize! For instance if u look at the lyrics 2 “Another song” it clearly has 2 b about her. In the song he wants another chance to write another song 2 take back the things he’d done. Another song, meaning it had 2 b about someone he wrote a song about already. I think they write songs 2 eachother on each album they put out. Why so cryptic? I have no idea! Maybe it’s pride that keeps them from getting back 2gether!

  12. locochihuahua Said:

    All the way ever since they broke up, they keep
    messaging each other via song while we dint
    realize.they still express their feeling each other
    via lyric song.they still longing each other but their
    ego wont let them be.justin is a very romantic person
    while britney playing hard to get, but the truth is
    their ego has been a ” WALL” all the way ever since.
    U can see those pic justin n britney use to b.u can
    see trough their eyes how they share realy deep feeling
    for each other.

  13. locochihuahua Said:

    I just make a vision here, eversince they broke up,
    they try to live a ” happy life” on their own way, like
    i say their ego is been a wall for them.they try to show
    each other that they can live hapily without each other,
    but thats not what happened.the further they keep
    distance each other, the more deep, close they feeling are.
    U can feel the vibe of their song each time eversince.i don’t
    know how long they are going to keep this ego and childishness.
    While they still need each other.

  14. locochihuahua Said:

    Britney jean is was story of britney life till so the 20/20
    experience by justin.its clear that till d end they keep
    mesaging each other via song lyric.tko by justin was meaning
    that he no longer reconized old britney that he used to know
    that she changed so much.that britey has that evil inside
    her for a reason.until britney sing Dont Cry.i think, for her
    is to hurtfull that justin statesment about being bitch, and
    that justin is grown man now that he and britney was when t
    they both young

  15. locochihuahua Said:

    Finaly DONT CRY by britney was good bye to justin.
    That justin has realy over her.she said that he wont see
    her cry anymore so she doesnt want justin to cry over her
    Anymore too.but realty is deep down there trust me they still
    into each other.and i think, future ahead they will always
    do this secret song for each other.for us its looks like just
    nice song, but for them it has deep meaningfull mesage
    inside.and they only knows it and understand it.their love
    will always sparks til the end.

  16. locochihuahua Said:

    Lets just take look back justin and britney’s photos
    u can see n u can feel that look in their eyes is so deep
    like they dont pretend to be happy, but truly they were.
    Eversince they broke up, u never seen such real things in their
    eyes in any photos of their nowdays partner or ex, trus me.
    I mean the smile is there but that feeling just not there.sory
    jessica n cameron.first love will never benn forgoten neither can been replaced
    thats is the truth.

  17. locochihuahua Said:

    It should be easy, it shouldn’t be complicated.yes there
    is!!! have u all got d mesages?! all they need is stop
    hurting each other.they should put aside their ego for
    their love sake.but this is life , yes it is.if we all can marry
    our first life that would make everybody happy.but
    sometime we love to let go.britney said ” I LOVE YOU TILL IM DEAD”
    U can feel the justin say that he hasnt realy talk
    with her in 10 years.but he even he did, he just vibe it in the air.
    Thats it!!!

  18. farnaz Said:

    yes ,there is something in their songs.

  19. jovs Said:

    Britney and justin.first love never die.their songs are a representation of love towards each other.ego made their feelings miserable.look at them now every photos together with each partner is far different from them before.i know brit and just still longing each other.tre happines is not determine through words.

  20. Ninia Said:

    Message to Justin: Listen—You can Not give your heart away coz you’ve already gave it away a very long time ago.In short….,.,,you have nothing to give since 12 years ago.I know this coz I’m living it.Iallowed the foolish pride get in the way.

  21. allyssa Said:

    I really love britney and justin. They are superstars. They are small town kids, doing the same thing. They are really for each other. And i guess it is true that we can never see britney as happy as she was with justin. Hoping that they will be together again and would never leave each others side for the rest of their lives.

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