Love or Loathe: Kacey Musgraves at the Grammys

If I listened to country music, which I do not, I may know/care who Kacey Musgraves is based on her songs. But instead, I know her as That Girl Who Wore This to a post Grammy party:

kacey musgraves


And minions…I kind of love it.

Yes, this dress looks like something that should be hanging from a Mexican taxi’s rearview mirror, but there’s something about it that’s simply fun and irreverent, and sometimes a red carpet needs that. And I must admit, it’s tailored to perfection, which makes all the difference. Plus, Kacey is a country music star–she literally sings about trailer parks, and is wise not to take herself too seriously.

Now don’t get me wrong, minions, I don’t think KM should turn up to every event in such kitschy couture, but her entire Grammy goal was to stand out and get noticed as music’s freshest new face, so brava darling, you did just that.

What do you think, dear ones, about Kacey’s colorful ensemble? Is it just too tacky for words or does every A-list event need an infusion of funk here and there?


  1. Leah Said:

    I think her dress is adorable and looks great on her. You can’t even classify it as country or vintage, really just a mix of the two. I want it in my closet.

  2. pocketfull Said:

    I loved it! Unique, simple, sexy, colorful and she stands out. I also liked it with her flashy boots during her performance.

  3. evie Said:

    I loved it – it looked amazing on her. Those shoes are gorgeous too!

  4. luxury and lifestyles Said:

    Unimpressive Red Carpet Dresses of 56th Grammy 2014

  5. JJ Said:

    This dress is way to ugly for me to handle and her performance was very unimpressive.

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