Breakup Alert! Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill Split Suddenly

Looks like this relationship was more of a bust than a big bang… Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill have reportedly already split — this comes only two weeks after word got about about their fauxmance romance.

As I hinted at yesterday, could these two have been out for publicity instead of that good old-fashioned love? Besides pointing out that it was so short-lived and practically every date they had together was conveniently captured by photographers, all I’m going to say is, I told you so…

I hear that the two have decided to remain friends, but is it really that hard when they haven’t even really dated?

Did you see this one coming from a mile away or are you shocked that the romance wasn’t super stable? Tell me in a comment below!

henry cavill and kaley cuoco


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  1. vania Said:

    Maybe he is gay like his almost twin matt bomer

  2. sarah Said:

    In what world is Kaley Cuoco hot? Henry Cavill is the Superman of good-looking. Even if we aren’t living on planet Krypton, she’d never be on his level.

  3. maggie Said:

    Who cares :p henry is still singleeeeeeee!!!!!! :D

  4. *Nikki* Said:

    Hahaha talk about having different tastes!!! I don’t find Henry Cavill attractive @ all!!!

  5. J Said:

    Matt Bomer <3

  6. Shabba Said:

    Henry Cavill is so freaking hot and he deserves someone with a better fashion sense atleast. Ahhhhh superman go find yourself atleast someone as hot as you are!

  7. Leigh Said:

    Love Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory. And I agree that Henry Cavill isn’t that attractive.

  8. Jess Said:

    Makes sense… He is way too hot for her

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