Hot Mess: Kaley Cuoco

After spotting The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco last night at some event in LA, I was completely confused for several reasons:

  1. People actually watch this show? I’ve never seen it—something that centers around “loveable geeks” isn’t something I can relate to on any level.
  2. BCBGMAXAZRIA, a design house that usually dreams up some fairly sexy dresses, actually created and produced this blocky, unflattering monochromatic frock?
  3. Kaley willingly chose to wear it?!

I’m just baffled, darlings. There is nothing about KC’s look that’s even remotely flattering, don’t you agree? Or is little Penny always shiny on the red carpet?

Kaley Cuoco Big Bang Theory at PaleyFest 2013




  1. Lana Said:

    ahahah worst show and ugly dress

  2. Angel Said:

    You’ve never seen Big Bang Theory? Yes, normal people looking for a laugh actually watch the show -_-

  3. Justme Said:

    You should watch the show, anybody could use a good laugh.
    Whatsoever this dress looks ridiculous! Just like a bag -.-

  4. Tanya Said:

    Show is the best, she is awesome comedian and who gives a f. about dresses. That fascination with clothes and side boobs and baby bumps and bikinis and beach bodies is annoying. Jesus, there is side boobs spotting in front page headlines even in some political blogs and newspapers.

  5. adi Said:

    need a lil brains to watch the show….which lacks on the upper east side :P

  6. crisdo Said:

    You people are so mean. The show is great, probably the best on tv right now, and even if this wasn’t her best outfit, the doesn’t look ridicolous, get a life and stop critising people like that.

  7. Li Said:

    I agree Tanya, who gives a damn about the (unflattering) dress. Great show that I just got into myself. Can watch it over and over.

  8. natasha Said:

    Oh, Kaley is the most funniest actress I’ve ever seen. Everyone has their bad days.And how can someone not watch big bang theory? People on upper east side, get a life!

  9. Nahla Said:

    Yes, normal people who enjoy being entertained and don’t take themselves too seriously to watch a comedy show and in fact aren’t so insecure they need to openly denounce geek culture before even giving it a shot for fear they don’t look cool, actually have seen the Big Bang Theory. I guess you’re not one of those people, so which one is it, too vain or too insecure? Not enjoying it is one thing but not even giving it a chance is just childish.

  10. RealNeil Said:

    So she chose to wear something a little more conservative than usual and you’re sniping at her like your opinion matters to anyone.
    ~~OMG!! Her Boobs Aren’t Out!!~~
    The show she’s on is good entertainment if you have half a brain and don’t have your panties in a bunch. But it is boring to the unintelligent crowd.
    You shouldn’t try watching it. It would probably bore you.

  11. dchase Said:

    Kaley is one of the best comedic actors on TV today. Her timing is impeccable, and her facial expressions after a co-stars joke are realistic and believable,… considering her character. Big Bang is a well oiled machine that keeps on growing. I would expect 4 or 5 more seasons out of this cast. My absolute favorite sitcom!!

  12. lynda Said:


  13. lynda Said:

    k is so beautiful and talented what diffenrence does is matter what she wear. she glows. i would love to be her grandmother.

  14. Dr. Sheldon Cooper Said:

    This is why I proposed that humans have a chip installed in their heads that explode when they say something stupid. Never watched the show? Then don’t comment on something you know nothing about….

  15. bennie Said:

    Best show, check the ratings, always in the top 10. Glad you’re a critic of what you’re clueless about. Shows the gap in your ability to know what’s “hot”. Cuz you’re a definite “Not”.

  16. alex Said:

    At least “Geeks” have something interesting to say and write!! Are you one of those jealous mean girls from Jr. High that never grew up?

  17. Kelly Rollins Said:

    You must live under a rock if you haven’t seen Big Bang Theory! Funny when aired initially, but getting over exposed running on TBS. Kaley is hot and easy to appreciate when watching the show…but I hope she burned this dress after she wore it, it’s the most unflatterin dress I’ve ever seen her wear on that awesome body.

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