Cute or Ew: Kaley Cuoco’s New Pixie Cut

I’ve often heard that it’s every gent’s deepest fear that he’ll meet the girl of his dreams, marry her, and then one day she’ll chop off all her hair and look like an old woman.

Well, my condolences go out to Kaley Cuoco’s new husband, because that’s exactly the nightmare he’s currently enduring. The Big Bang Theory actress recently debuted a wavy bob, but this weekend went all out got a pixie cut.



Ugh. I mean, I do like the color and the oh-so-beachy-but-really-took-45-minutes-with-a-flatiron waves, but once KC tries to copy this look on her own, sans stylist, she’ll look like a soccer mom. Ladies, short hair may seem like less work than long locks, but mark my words, the opposite it true. Gone are Kaley’s days of putting it up in a bun, rocking a boho fishtail or skipping the blowdryer. She is now a slave to her hair, and has only one real way to wear it.

How do you think her ‘do stacks up against other shorn starlets like Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus? Will KC be regretting her chop or do you think this look is a huge improvement?

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  1. vhf Said:

    Aw who bloody cares she’s pretty no matter whatshe does to her hair nothing pleases people these days

  2. ohlala Said:

    No, just NO! Why did you do this to your hair, Kaley? She had a beautiful shiny blonde hair and now she just looks like some kind of bieber…

  3. Sally Said:

    I wouldn’t say ‘cute’ or ‘ew’. It just looks sloppy.

  4. Diana-gg Said:

    first jennifer l., now her???
    it’s like the WORST haircut there is… you can’t do shit whit it + in the morning it looks like medusa’s lair

  5. pat Said:

    I think she looks better and it will be easier despite the jaded article author’s comments…

    there’s a lot of cultural and personal BS behind making a statement like ” every gent’s deepest fear” or didnt the author ever see men swoon over the likes of natalie portman or the harry potter girl or anne hathaway…

    the big bang star is still bangable (that’s a word), short hair or long.

  6. Samantha Said:

    Sort hair is SEXY!!

  7. Ariana Said:

    Who the fuck cares? she likes it and if not hair grows…if it grows too slowly there are always extensions! get over the misconception that men dont find short hair sexy…so ridiculous!

  8. kayla Said:

    Love it!

  9. hannah Said:

    I love it! It suits her so well, and the waves I think look beautiful!

  10. Tired Said:

    LOVE IT! It really suits her… better than J-Law though

  11. Chassidy Said:

    She still looks beautiful!

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