Spotted: Kaley Cuoco in a Wedding Dress!

It was a whirlwind engagement for The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco after her bf Ryan Sweeting proposed after only a few months of dating–but is she speeding things up with the wedding too? The newly-engaged actress posted a pic of her in a bridal gown yesterday, but before you get too excited, know that it was just for her latest role…

kaley cuoco


“It’s my wedding day!!!!” she captioned the photo. But then she added the hashtags #theweddingringer and #fakeweddingcalmdown just so we all knew it wasn’t the real deal. Such a tease…

The Wedding Ringer is about a guy (played by Kevin Hart) who provides best man services for grooms who have no one close enough to ask (so sad!). Obviously KC plays the role of a bride–good practice for when she finally walks down the aisle.

I just hope that Kaley’s surroundings will be a little more romantic on her actual big day. Maybe sub out the yogurt for champagne? Just a thought!

Based on the pic above, do you think Kaley will be a stunning bride?

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  1. Blair Waldorf Said:

    The truth about this is that KC might not turn out to be a real bride at all. I, yours truly, believe that this, if ever come true, won’t last for long. Of course this is just a big bang theory. XOXO

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