LOLZ! Kanye West Booed Off Stage At Bonnaroo

Prepare to be shocked, but I am not one for music festivals. Flower crowns, port-a-potties, ankle boots paired with high-waist shorts, beer–not a scene I wish to be a part of. I falsely thought that Kim Kardashian would agree given her penchant for heels and haute couture, but no.


Nice outfit Kim. #klassy

KK turned up at Bonnaroo, a muddy, back-woods music fest where people camp out and enjoy nature or whatever, because her new husband Kanye West was slated to perform.Why he was there either, I’ll never know, and apparently that feeling was a two way street because Yeezy was booed off stage during his set!

Did I mention he was wearing this? Ugh.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Even before Kanye took the stage, people were annoyed with him. “F*ck Kanye” was scrawled all over the festival, on walls, barricades and those port-a-pottie things I’ve already discussed. So when he stepped on stage at 10pm, the 90,000 person crowed was already over it. Watch the vid to see him go down in flames…

But let’s not forget that Kanye is actually a rather good rapper–or at least he was. He perhaps could’ve changed people’s minds if he’d simply performed, but instead he stopped “Heartless” halfway through to rant about the press. The result was not what he hoped for, clearly.

Do you think ‘Ye needs to just not with music anymore considering he’s ruined his own reputation? Or should people just stay home if they’re planning on booing someone anyway?



  1. Kickatinalong Said:

    You will be our next sacrifice.

  2. leese Said:

    uh why should people stay home because they did not like one performer out of many. Kayne should of stayed home.

  3. Anon Said:

    if youve been to one of his concert’s you would know that this rant is part of his set. and if you listened to the whole rant with a different mindset, you’d see he’s very dedicated to his career and his work. the rant turns out to be super inspirational. so if youre not willing to see from a different perspective, at least show some respect.

  4. Jo Said:

    Maybe he got what was coming to him…he needs to learn when to take the stage and when not to : didn’t learn anything from the Taylor incident.No one will ever forgive him for that behavior.

  5. Dawn Said:

    Hey Anon, you believe that comment so much you had to remain anonymous.Kanye is too full of himself, and him being a father now, he should not be behaving or talking in the way he does still.

  6. Bret Said:

    HE WAS BOOed BECAUSE IN 2008 he was supposed to play at 11 o’clock for his glow-in-the-dark tour but did not come on the stage until six in the morning that is why people are still pissed at him all those people that went to that Bonnaroo still go to Bonnaroo I was at there I refused to go to this Bonnaroo West had no business being part of this years Bonnaroo for what he did to the fans back then. Besides Bonnaroo has become so commercial and trying to please everyone

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