Kanye West’s Koncert Katastrophe

Sadly, bad things (and fashion) often happen to good people. But sometimes, such as today, bad things happen to a bad person, namely Kanye West. I hear that Kansas City doesn’t think that Yeezus (ugh) is as godly and genius as KW does. Apparently he only sold a measly 4,500 tickets to his KC concert, which may sound like a lot until you realize that the venue holds 19,000. 

Kanye West


A reporter pal in KC commented about the pathetic turn out: “Tuesday’s poor attendance indicates how his scandalous love life, frequent impolite pronouncements and his gradual shift away from conventional hip-hop have alienated many of his fans.”

Well said, darling. If Kanye thought that he could behave like a brat, produce wildly awful videos and continue to mismanage Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe and still be popular, he’d better think again.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Dream for Future Africa Foundation Gala


And, hilariously, this isn’t the first spot of trouble on the Yeezus (ugh) tour. He threw a tantrum in Tampa over the light system and ranted for eight minutes about…well really who knows, during another Kansas City concert.

I can’t believe Kim let this person impregnate her. So embarrassing.



  1. jubite Said:

    Yeezus is the shit

  2. Ariana Said:

    Poor Kanye and his delusional state of mind in thinking he is some kind of “god” he is probably overcompensating for something…thats why we always find stupid articles about him saying “mi casa is bigger than su casa” lol

  3. Annie258 Said:

    Hahaha how funny.. he deserved it. He thinks he is the sh*t, when really he is just an overconfident douchebag who makes terrible music. Sorry not sorry.

  4. silent shouts Said:

    Aw! They’re PERFECT together, they both think so highly of themselves but in reality are SHHHHH*T! I used to like his music, but once he started acting like a middle aged brat, I gave up. She just got famous over a sex video she made and broadcasted. They deserve each other….

  5. marianna Said:

    he’s still pretty good to me. i like his music and, for some weird reason, his megalomamniac personality. i’m a fan. <3

  6. Zoey Said:

    i kind of like kanye’s music actually and i don’t mind kim that much. if he could just change his attitude in front of the media he wouldn’t really have a problem

  7. tasha Said:

    oh gosh!kanye needs him some fans of applause!

  8. Pilar Said:

    Haha…he so deserves it. He’s just a pompous jerk that think he’s holier then now….i really don’t like him. Like at all

  9. ohlala Said:

    He thinks he’s some kind of god or something when, in fact, he’s NOT! AT ALL! There are people who doesn’t know who he is, who doesn’t like his music (or hate it, like me), how thinks that he dresses awfully, who thinks he has a super ego (SUPER SUPER!)etc. Kanye should go down to earth before it’s too late and his little girl will become like him and there will be another untalented-badly dressed girl out there… (just like her mommy)

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