Cute or Ew: Kanye West’s Proposal to Kim Kardashian [VIDEO]

kanye west proposal to kim kardashianYou didn’t really think that there wouldn’t be tons of cameras around to record the moment Kanye West asked his lady love Kim Kardashian for her hand in marriage, did you? Of course not…

The first video of the proposal has surfaced, and it’s just as cheesy as we all imagined: the orchestra providing mood music, Kanye and Kim standing in the center of the baseball field, and the rush of family and friends coming out after she says yes… although, as horrific as it is (for the sheer fact that it involves these two), the romantic in me kind of enjoyed it (but don’t tell anyone that, okay?)

Watch the video to see the whole thing for yourself:

As you can tell, this is an amateur vid, but don’t worry loves… of course there was a camera crew there to document it all for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A spy revealed that there were multiple cameras on hand and they got a lot of good material for the show. But, the source also added that Kanye has final approval over whether or not it will be featured.

So, what do you think dolls? Is there any way Kanye did this without it ending up in the show? Or, do you think he wants to be in the spotlight as much as KK?

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  1. marcie Said:

    OMG!!!!!!! I love it this is so cute!!!! <33333 they make a great couple

  2. Tiffany Said:

    I dislike Kanye too much to be happy, but at least she finally got a good proposal out of someone.

  3. xoxo Said:

    He played his music throughout the whole proposal and even after ey? Can’t say that ain’t typical Kanye. But that was sweet…

  4. Jen Said:

    Hahaha what if she’d said no….

  5. Keely Said:

    You can’t see the video :(

  6. Harley Said:

    I cant see the video on my computer or Samsung GS4 :(

  7. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Why won’t the stupid gallbladder fucking video upload? And why didn’t anyone notify me about this? I said on several GG posts I wanted to shake my boobs, fart, then poop at their wedding! WTF!

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