Is Kim Kardashian Ruining Kanye West’s Life?

One thing about being on the top of the world… it gives you a long, long way to fall. Same goes for celebs who think they’re on the top of the world. Just look at Kanye West, whose days have been going downhill since knocking up Kim Kardashian. Could his baby mama be bad luck for him? It sure looks that way.

I know I shouldn’t laugh at this — oh, who am I kidding? It’s hilarious. Kanye had just had his $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador serviced and was having it delivered to Kim’s house when the car got CRUSHED in her privacy gate. The driver apparently didn’t make it all the way through when the gate started closing, hurting ‘Ye’s precious (and very luxe) baby.

This comes only a few days after he walked into a street sign, creating a huge bump on his head. And the little street cred that he might have had in the industry is fading fast with each hideous outfit Kim dons. Also, just listen to this preview of his new music — WTF?!

Do you think Kim is to blame for Kanye’s bad luck or did he bring all of it on himself with his first bad decision of dating her? Tell me in a comment below!

Kanye West


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  1. tobby Said:

    Kim is a bad luck

  2. Shreeradhe Said:

    Kanye has lost it. And yes, ofcourse kim is to be blamed. Kim’s karma is rebounding or some thing ;)

  3. AM Said:

    We all know that Kanye don’t need Kim to put himself in bad position : Getting drunk at the VMAs and insulting Taylor Swift was not exactly a good move :)

  4. sarah Said:

    He is getting everything he deserves. Kim is a paid whore why would he date her she’s a tramp. Plus have a child with her she is trash.

  5. Tonya Said:

    They deserve each other. Dumb and dumber.

  6. Sarah Said:

    I agree, anyone who gets famous by a sex tape is obviously bad luck. I mean, you don’t have any talents that could open doors for you? I feel sorry for that child though, because he/she will probably grow up being made fun of.

  7. Cassie Said:

    Are you serious?! She didn’t become famous from a sex tape. They were filming their first season of KUWTK before the sex tape even came out and when it did her mum made the smart decision to capitalise on all the media attention they were getting and make a name for themselves. And I bet they are all glad they did because everyone is always talking about them, buying their products, watching their show. You are nasty ass ratchet bitches who jealous you didn’t think of that.

  8. Taylor Said:

    After what he did to Taylor Swift, everything else is just karma rebounding on him. Beginning by dating Kim Kardashian. He should have seen that coming.

  9. Sugar Said:

    The sick attract the sick. They’re both train wrecks with no couth or manners!!

  10. Brii Said:

    Nobody is relevant forever.

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