WTF Alert: Kanye West Punches A Teenager

At this point, nothing Kanye West does should surprise me, but I must admit that I was shocked to hear that he chased down an 18-year-old boy he encountered at an office building and punched him in the face. In fact, Ye was so incensed that he had to be yanked off the kid, who is now pressing charges.

But what exactly happened to make Kanye flip like this? Turns out, this teenager wasn’t exactly minding his own business, but instead shouting racial vitriol at Kanye and Kim Kardashian.

kanye west


Sources say that as the kid held the office building door for Kimmy, he took one look at the swarms of paparazzi and said, “F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs”–which didn’t sit well with Kim, who told him that the N-word isn’t very polite.

“F**k you bitch,” the kid screamed back, ” Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.”


Kanye then lost his pretty little head and began the beat down while Kim screamed, “We have it all on tape!”

kim kardashian


Now darlings, you know I’d rather buy retail (gag) than defend Kanye West, but I must side with him on this one, minus the violence obvs. What kind of civilized person uses language like that? Then again, what kind of civilized person calls themselves Yeezus?

Do you think Kanye was right to defend his lady love? Or does a grown man and father need to keep his temper in check?

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  1. jay Said:

    That’s not what happened. He followed her into the stairwell and continued to berate her and threatened to kill her(it’s on tape). Kanye then calls to see what’s taking Kim so long and he hears Kim crying and the kid knew Kanye was on the phone and proceeded to call Kanye a nigger. This kid knew what he was doing.

  2. Amanda Said:

    I am NOT a Kanye fan or Kim fan, but I do think Kanye had a right to do something. Maybe not “beat” him like that… but as an 18 year old, with a bad attitude, he did deserve a good punch in the face!!! So, I hope Kanye does get out of this one, as I am sure he will.

  3. Baby Said:

    I’m against violence but that served him right! I suppose that’s nearly the only way to deal with some people, urrg

  4. Romy Said:

    I think, the kid did something completely wrong, disrespectful and all. But is also wrong to punch anyone!!! no one should hit anyone woman or man, aggression is not part of a civilized society and Kanye is in a position were lots of people follow him and see him as an example. He could have be a little smart and give the kid a proper answer that will teach him.

  5. terry Said:

    If she was so scared she should of called 911, I dont agree with the way the boy acted or the way he talked but that doesnt give anyone including kanya the right to hit him, thats assault why isnt he in jail ? ( oh ya he has money ) let that be one of us average people they would of hauled us off in handcuffs cant stand kim or kanya.

  6. Kim kardashian Said:

    ^ why would she have called 911? so she should wait for them to get there and let that crazy man do something to them? if kanye hadnt done what he had done than something could’ve seriously had happen to kim and/or kanye. atleast everyone was not severely hurt.

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