LOLz of the Day: Kanye West Walks Into a Pole [VIDEO]

kanye-knot-on-foreheadOh my goodness. The paparazzi gods have shined upon us, bringing a perfect video to kick off this otherwise mundane Monday: Kanye West ran into a pole! Yes, in an attempt to shield his precious face from the cameras while walking with Kim Kardashian this weekend, he legit ran into a “Wrong Way” sign, not only hurting his head but his overflowing sense of pride.

The video then goes on to show Kanye flipping out on the paps, basically blaming them for the incident. I don’t really care who’s to thank blame — I highly enjoyed it and that’s all that matters. The video gets two manicured thumbs up from this girl.

Watch the amazingness below and tell me — do you think Kanye can handle the paparazzi presence that happens while dating a Kardashian? Or should he just go back to being the most egotistical rapper that no one cares about?


  1. Taylor Said:

    It’s all karma for what he did to Taylor. Obviously.

  2. Sugar Said:

    Guess his head really IS up his ass! Couldn’t see where he was going! Don’t blame him though, if I were gonna be stuck dealing with that drama queen for a baby mama the next 18 years, I’d be looking for somewhere to hide, too!!

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