Kanye West’s Unromantic Wedding Plans

Hopefully this wasn’t a surprise for Kim Kardashian, because A) it would be totally ruined, and B) It is totally lame. James Franco is blabbing to anyone who will listen (namely, the ladies of “The View”) that Kanye West called him a few weeks ago to see if he and Seth Rogen would perform their parody version of “Bound 2″ for the Kimye wedding eve celebration.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian go on a movie date


“He loved it,” James gushed. “Not only that, but he wanted us to perform it live the night before his wedding in Versailles.”

Interesting… because nothing would get the crowd ready for romance quite like this:


“I think it would be awesome for about 10 seconds,” James said, clearly being way too optimistic about the crowd’s perception of it.

Do you think Kim’s dream wedding would be ruined if something like this were to take place, or do you predict it would be the least tacky thing involved?

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