WTF Alert: Kanye West’s Incredibly Awful Music Video With Kim Kardashian

Minions, rejoice, for I have found the worst music video of all time. And, perhaps not so coincidentally, it happens to star the worst couple in American history as well: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

This dreadful four-minute monstrosity for Kanye’s new song, “Bound 2,” would be atrocious without Kim–weird stock footage of landscapes, a cheesy unmoving motorcycle, Kanye’s awkward solo rapping–the whole thing is just a mess. But adding Kim to the mix not only proved that the SNL spoof on them was seriously accurate, but made the vid over-the-top hilarious and unwatchable. Take a look…

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Why. Why is she in this video, Kanye? Did you think that perhaps people may like you too much if you didn’t inject KK into it? Were you afraid you may gain back some respect you’ve lost over the last few years?

What struck me most about this laughably terrible tome is that Kim, who is a huge fan of photoshopping her photos, appears to even had her body digitally slimmed. Kim may be gorgeous and have fab extensions, but she’s not a willowy girl, and that is most certainly not her waistline, nor her perky, nipple-less lady parts reclining on that bike.

I think what irks me most, minions, is that Kanye pulls a stunt like this then freaks out when people “don’t respect his privacy.” Putting your naked baby mama in a music video kind of sends mixed messages, don’t you think?

What part of “Bound 2″ creeped you out the most? KK’s photoshopped figure? Kanye’s leather hammer pants? And if the vid had been different, could this song actually be catchy?


  1. Amelia Said:

    The song is awful and so is the video. Disgusting

  2. Dana Said:

    Lost for words… Looks like a parody.

  3. Isabelle Said:

    The video looks like it was made with just green screens and whats with the lady that’s saying “aha honey” all the time, to me its just a home-made fake-looking video , besides the lyrics are awful and the video makes no sense I mean first mountains, then horses then KK an WK in a motorcycle the whole video. Awful.

  4. libertad Said:

    el video es malo, pero la cancion es peor… :S

  5. Addie Said:

    so stupid and frankly weird i am disturbed

  6. ceecee Said:

    I vomited in my mouth a little as I sat slack jawed for a horrendous four minutes watching this, waiting for Ellen to say it was a huge joke.
    He is only a genius in a morons’ world

  7. Nicole Said:

    hahaha What are you all talking about… its a perfect song! the perfect melody and the lyrics… I thought was a like a poem! BAM! What and his dancing…AHA Honey. I don’t think it looks like a parody… Parodies have better production
    I can’t stop laughing, IDK if the video, the song, his outfit… he should be topless as well… cause that combination… AWFULL
    My Respect to Ellen for not laughing at his face! I really understand why no one can think of music without thinking of him.. ROFL

  8. Karina Said:

    Thank you GG finally someone says the truth about this weird couple and yes video is aweful!!

  9. Erin Said:

    Not only was that video terrible, but the song wasn’t even good! Why doesn’t she have nipples…
    Who thought this video was a good idea?

  10. mary Said:

    Really,stop hating and be jellous loosers,great video,go Kim and kanye life is too short.they are not pleasing anyone so get a life people.

  11. Tai Said:

    I don’t have anything positive to say except that those horses were gorgeous! Good job to whoever picked those good-looking sons o’ guns out. You’re awesome.

  12. aparks Said:

    I didn’t like looking at the back of Kany’s wrinkled head. The simulated sex scene makes them already look like an old married couple.

  13. Ian Palmer Said:

    Wow this is simply awful… a whole new low for the music industry… someone left my 12yo nephew near a mixing deck and he came up with better, not what we expected!

  14. Yvette Kirchgesner Said:

    He’s a genius

  15. Rebeccah Said:

    The lyrics don’t even make sense, the song is called “bound 2″ and he is singing bout his haircut??
    The best part is the end when ellen starts talking (and being sarcastic) and Kanye doesn’t even get it :D

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