Kanye West’s Ridiculous New Demand

Clearly, a man who would willingly wed Kim Kardashian is not playing with a full set of croquet mallets, as my mummy used to say. So I don’t know why I continually expect sane and logical behavior from Kanye West. I hear that the rapper-turned-punchline made a truly idiotic request at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where he spoke about being THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, Y’ALL: he demanded that all the labels on his water bottles be removed. Sigh.

“Kanye said he wasn’t going to be photographed promoting a brand if he’s not being paid for it,” recalled a source. “Organizers had to scramble to rip off the labels before his session started.”

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

But what Ye said once he started speaking was even more irksome.

“I have to work with the No. 1, I can’t work with anyone but Jay Z, I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl that I look at her pictures the most and get turned on the most. I am not going to represent any company except Louis Vuitton because that’s the best.”

Note to self: burn my Vuitton luggage immediately. And speaking of fire, how did Kanye not burst into flames from shame after uttering those words? I’ll admit, once upon a time I truly loved ‘Ye’s music but now, I can’t bear anything that comes out of his mouth…I don’t care if he’s spouting the cure for cancer–no one wants to hear it, Kanye.

Tell me what you think is worse: Yeezy’s bratty behavior of his creepy explanation of why he married Kim?


  1. ohlala Said:

    His music is horrible! I don’t know how he is considered an artists and get to life of his music

  2. s Said:

    greed, gluttony and arrogance….despicable

  3. Candice Said:

    It is not a weird demand, almost every celebrity demand this in my country. It is not a tiring job either, remove the labels of few bottles, how hard can it be? Besides, of course he is not gonna serve himself to society as cheap, he has a brand value in market. Stop making non-sense posts, Kanye is a really really talented artist. Like it or not, Kim is a beautiful and popular celebrity. Everything they touch turns to gold.

  4. kaela Said:

    wait he just said he’s only with kim because she turns him on.. there’s no love?!

  5. Blake Said:

    Shut the fuck up!!! We all know you do not like the K family for your stupid jealous reasons. As for Ye let him express him self. So fucking what?!!!

  6. Trevor Njoroge Said:

    Lol dear admin keep bitching bowt kim and kanye, keep running your mouth like a bin trash as they run to the bank

  7. lindsay Said:

    Who doesn’t want the best.

  8. liana Said:

    hahaha what an idiot. every time he speaks it is very clear that he is an uneducated human being who loves to run his mouth. he’s a total joke.

  9. anderson Said:

    These Kim Kardashian’s paid and you can tell these people are paid by the comment against those who say something against Kanye. Once Kanye could write and rap, but not anymore. He is destroying his on self, his brains are fried and by the time Kim finish eating them up the guy will be through. His true friends are backing away from him specially those that see the role his wife and her family are about to on in his business life.

  10. helena Said:

    Kanye is so mental. He is such a jerk with the most spiteful puss face. I can’t bear listening to his drivel. I would never listen to his music. Jay Z does not even like him I bet.

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