Would You Rock This Trendy Hairstyle?

Once upon a time in the long history of haircuts, there was the frosted blonde tyranny of Farrah Fawcet‘s shag, then came the iconic “Rachel” haircut from Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character. And now, the next big thing in hair seems to be “The Karlie” via pin-thin model Karlie Kloss and her chopped off tresses, created by legendary stylist Garren Defazio for a Vogue pictorial.

“The style’s fresh because it’s been chopped or razored at the ends to give a classic shape, but softer,” says stylist George Northwood. “It’s modern because it looks effortless, like you’ve just got cool hair that hasn’t been styled in any way.”

No George. No it doesn’t.

karlie kloss


Call me old fashioned or whatever, but short hair screams soccer mom to me, and this style is much trickier to pull off than one might think. It requires an inordinately long neck and very sharp facial features. Any roundness on your own visage will make you look like a 4-year-old whose mom just cut your hair in the kitchen.

Plus, short hair is deceptively high maintenance. There is no “just run your fingers through it and go!”–this style requires loads of careful coiffing, product and patience.

The bottom line is: if you have Karlie’s styling team, bone structure and apparent disdain for being attractive to heterosexual males, then by all means, run to the salon and ask for The Karlie. It’ll just make me appear all the prettier in comparison, darlings…XOXO.


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