Karlie Kloss: Taylor Swift Is Too Busy For Boys

File this under U for “Ummm Sure Tay, Whatever You Say.” Taylor Swift’s BFF of the moment, model Karlie Kloss said she’s hardly seen T.Swizzle as of late and that the country super star is just so jet-set she couldn’t possibly think about coupling up with a gent at the moment.

“I’ve been traveling. She’s been traveling. No time for boys,” sniffed KK at the CDFA Fashion Awards. “She’s true to who she is. She’s such a special girl. I feel really lucky that we connected and our paths crossed. She’s just a special girl.”

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My my. It sounds like if anyone is crushing on Taylor, it’s Karlie! But perhaps KK is just trying to make TS sound cooler than she’s currently feeling. I hear–via my guilty pleasure, Star magazine–that Taylor isn’t traveling at all, but instead skulking around Manhattan and hating every minute of life in NYC. Apparently she’s woefully lonely and bored, and is even offering to fly out her LA friends just so she can have a bit of company. Looks like a $19 million penthouse can only keep you entertained for so long (tell me about it).

But what do you think is really going on here? Is Taylor truly too cool for romance ATM or is KK just trying to make Taylor seem like life in the Big Apple isn’t so rotten?


  1. Emily Said:

    Considering Taylor is on her Asian leg of her worldwide tour, I’m kinda doubting the ‘sitting alone in Manhattan’ “scoop” you’ve gotten.

  2. Yolanda Said:

    People should make sure wether its the truth before publishing any celebrity news coz as far as am concern Taylor is on a tour and it doesnt seems like she is bored research again

  3. hollie3 Said:

    You do realise Taylor is touring in Asia right now? Hardly the same as ‘skulking around NYC’. Get your facts straight please. Complete bs.

  4. Annie Said:

    Do you even follow her on facebook or twitter? She is on tour!!!! Do some research!!!!

  5. Addy Said:

    Complete BS. If you even consider yourself a fan of her you would know that she is currently touring in Asia. -_-

  6. tannerose5 Said:

    As the others have already mentioned, do your homework. Also, the statement, “No time for boys?” Taylor is 24, why should she be looking for boys? If she’s looking at all, it should be for a man. Also, it has to be difficult for someone so young and with so much wealth. Do they want her or her money?

  7. olivia Said:

    even though Taylor is doing is doing the Asian leg of the tour, lol yeah okay she’s in NYC right now

  8. Minnie Said:

    I think she is a lesbian and don’t care for males.

  9. shelby Said:

    Lol!!!! She is currently traveling the world on her Asia leg of her world tour !!!! U are dumb or full of BS, which one?

  10. Melissa Said:

    You should probably follow up more on taylor being she’s in Asia right now…

  11. Meg Said:

    If you want to run a “blog” you should consider taking about 2 minutes to do research. It’s not that hard.

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