Kat Graham Attempts the Menswear Trend… Hot or Not?

At first glance, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Kat Graham’s menswear-inspired look from the Critic’s Choice Awards. But the more I looked at it, the less I liked it…

Kat Graham

Getty Images

I rarely give my approval to a menswear look–it’s incredibly hard to pull off since the tailoring must be absolutely flawless, and Kat’s clearly isn’t considering we can’t see her shoes. Not only does that too-long pant ruin the aesthetic, but her gold Brian Atwood pumps don’t get the attention they deserve.

But, even bringing up the pant hem wouldn’t save this Escada outfit. I absolutely loathe that jacket, it reminds me of something a middle-aged cat lady would pull off the rack and think it was “cool” and “hip.” It’s not. Mirrors are for gazing, not for wearing, and Kat’s cute figure and face won’t change that.

I doubt very strongly that you’re as over this outfit as I am, but can you seriously tell me with a straight face that you’re loving it?


  1. gg Said:

    i like it tbh

  2. Isabelle Said:

    “Gold pumps”? Are you colorblind?

  3. vhf Said:

    You kidding me loads of female celebs always where suits but you call her out on it being tomboyish? your need to find a real job blogging just ain’t for you.

  4. Sophie Said:

    I LOVE this outfit! It fits her perfectly, and she looks stunning.

  5. Alexia Said:

    There are problems with both fitting and tailoring in this outfit. I adore her, but looks like she’s wearing a school play costume…

  6. Sandra Said:

    I love the outfit but it doesn’t fit her… literally. She should have gone one or two sizes down.

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