Scene & Heard: Kat Graham on How to be Successful

“You work for what you want and you’ll get it one day. But you have people out there that think they deserve it just because they’re fabulous. You’re not entitled to anything. You can lose everything with a drop of a hat.”The Vampire Diaries beauty Kat Graham tells Unleashed magazine that hard work and determination got her where she is today–not delusions of grandeur.


KG sported freshly bleached locks on the magazine’s cover and says that she’d like to focus on music instead of acting. Personally I prefer Kat with vampires and without a microphone in her hand, but what say you? Should KG transition off the small screen and onto your iPod?

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  1. Kiska Said:

    She is so fabulous that she would be good on the screen AND on my iPod :)

  2. GossipGay Said:

    Lets see what she does with this. Hmmmm…. Do it up.

  3. Janelle Said:

    Personally, from what I’ve heard, I haven’t been a big fan of Kat’s music & I thought she was awesome onn TVD, but as long as she’s doing what makers her happy, who am I to judge?

  4. Uh..what? Said:

    She said it herself. Hard work and dedication is what he needs to get what she wants. If her passion is singing and music, then she deserves the chance to go out and do it if its going to make her happy.

  5. Voice of reason Said:

    Put down the microphone, Kat, and walk away slowly. You have so much to live for–dont do this to yourself!! lol
    but seriously she’s just terrible
    MUCH better actress.

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