German Tabloid Publishes Pic of Kate Middleton’s Bare Bum

Oh bummer… another scandalous pic of Kate Middleton has been published without the palace’s consent, and this time it shows the style icon’s bare butt thanks to a large gust of wind and dreadful wardrobe malfunction.

German tabloid Bild included the pic in a roundup of “behinds that have moved us these past few days!” which also featured Khloe and Kim Kardashian (who surprisingly were completely covered up!) The photo of Kate was snapped by paparazzi during her and Prince William‘s royal tour last month in Australia.

Click here to see the pics!

Quite the embarrassing moment caught on camera, isn’t it dolls? I do love the Duchess–you know I do–but wouldn’t you think she’d be a tad more careful when it came to shielding her lady bits from photogs these days? After all, she had to learn during that topless pics scandal back in 2012 that publishers weren’t afraid to stoop so low.

And it just so happens this photog was low enough to catch her booty on camera as her skirt flew up. Where were her La Perlas?? Do you think the fault is on Kate for this one for not covering up, or should the photographer/tabloid keep her private parts, well… private?

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  1. Kelly Said:

    Oh wow, a woman with a butt? So surprising, it must be a new development or something!! Seriously, get over it.

  2. tanya Said:

    im sorry but hang on a second some wind blew a lady skirt up and some1 took a picture im sorry but if this was any other women would this be counted as taking indicent images and the police be involved or something, what kind of human takes pics of this happening really and how is this her fault something haooened accidenrly and some1 explotied that

  3. Allison Said:

    I mean, I think it’s inappropriate to publish the pictures as it’s incredibly rude and crass, but, Kate, really? Put some underwear on! Especially in a dress!

  4. meme Said:

    i’m not taking sides here, but kate should know better. it’s not even the first time this happens. she should just wear a pair of shorts underneath. i’m sure she has enough money to invest in some high quality undergarments.

  5. Anonymous Said:

    obviously a dirty slut !

  6. Sarah Said:

    Who knows? Maybe her hubby likes the thought of her dressing this way.

  7. Jan Said:

    So who says it is actually Kate’s bottom? The photographer? Any of you guys out there think he is a real trustworthy person? I’m willing to bet he could paint it in without any problem!

  8. Jayne1955 Said:

    You can’t see the whole butt. Just the bottom of her butt cheeks, which you can see on half the women walking around in short shorts nowadays. It’s unfortunate, yes, but I have to admit she looks great.

  9. Donna Said:

    All of the Queen’s dresses/skirts have small weights sewn into the hems for this exact reason. I thought all the ladies of the royal family did the same. Then again, they did snap pics of Kate topless on her honeymoon. Going commando at a public event is a bit tacky for a royal, though. Especially in a lightweight dress that has every possibility of getting blown up by the wind.

  10. Candace Said:

    Really people. maybe she has on a thong. maybe her husband likes it, hell, maybe she likes it. we can’t control the wind and most of you prudes on here are probably jealous because your bum doesnt look as good as hers.

  11. Naijaman Said:

    Where’s the butt?

  12. Smitty Said:

    I’m somewhat of an expert at age 72, and I can certainly see what gets William excited; NICE LOOKIN’ BUM. They should both be proud.

  13. james Said:

    Amazing – nice looking bum – she should be proud- and Will, I can see what gets you going – be it prince/princess or just us common folk – we all got them, some better then others…

  14. Phil Said:

    Thank goodness the Queen has (a)hem weights in her garments. Once upon a time the Queen seems to have owned a titillating tush, but nobody ever saw it, probably not even Prince Philip, and nowadays that honor falls to Kate, who certainly upholds the British end. Loosen up, Brits! You should be proud of your Royals’ assets.

  15. Deskboy Said:

    We all caught a glimpse of her taut cheeky bum on that windy day in Canada. It was very regal but no KimKaye, thank God. Let us know when she goes commando wearing a kilt on a windy day.

  16. Deskboy Said:

    Me again. Try to get a pic of Pippa’s pooper. That would be very nice indeed.

  17. A C Alexander Said:

    I am thinking she had on a thong, allowing the creep to get a snap of her cheeks.
    Shame on them, and the mag for publishing it.

  18. Barfy Said:

    Wimmins didn’t useta wear underpants a-tall. Butt they did wear long skirts. And underskirts.

  19. ashlee Said:


  20. Kyle Lyles Said:

    Hmmmm, nice shape! Contrast her bum with the table hanging off the backside of Moochele Obama!

  21. Nike Said:

    If in fact that is her “bottom” it is very nice and wide and would be great in the “doggy style” position for great sex.

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