A Royal Baby! Duchess Kate Middleton is Pregnant

You know it takes quite a bit to melt my icy, reptilian heart, but news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has me thrilled! Why, I haven’t been this excited since I ruined my arch enemy’s debutante ball!

The Palace has confirmed that William and Kate are expecting their first child, but the news wasn’t all happy–apparently the Duchess has such bad morning sickness that she’s been admitted to a London hospital. Quel domage, darlings.

While I mostly find children to be a creepy nuisance, this is something to celebrate and it’s a pity the Duke and Duchess can’t enjoy it without IVs and hospital gowns, n’est ce pas?

Now let’s turn out imaginations to what Kate’s maternity style might entail…will she go dowdy or chic and fierce?

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