Break Up Alert: Katharine McPhee Splits From Her Husband

File this under I for “It’s About Effing Time,” but Katharine McPhee has finally called it quits with her geriatric husband, 48-year-old Nick Cokas, after marrying in 2008.

“They’ve been separated for six months,” whispered my insider“Nick continues to co-manage her music.”

katharine-mcphee nick cokas


But the plot thickens. I spied Kat cuddling up to her (married!) Smash director Michael Morris. It’s a plot twist right out of her show, isn’t it darlings? A beautiful young starlet ditching her ball-and-chain for a high-powered–but taken–Hollywood hotshot.

Although, I’m not sure Kat’s new crush is a step in the right direction–married men are never worth it. They always feel so guilty for having an affair that they give all the really luxe jewelry to their wives!

Do you lose respect for Kat knowing she’s cavorting with someone else’s husband? Or is all fair in love and war–and Hollywood?

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  1. Megan Said:

    Having an affair with someone else’s husband is never okay. ever.

  2. Hayley Said:

    If Kat’s happy, I’m happy. Sure, it sucks that the guy was married but are we really going to blame the woman in this situation? It takes two to have an affair and maybe he should’ve been the one to think about his wife and family.

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