OMFGorgeous: Katy Perry at the NRJ Awards

Spotted: Katy Perry sizzling on the chilly red carpet at the NRJ Awards held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes thanks to this beautiful brocade Osman gown:

katy perry


I’m not sure who convinced Katy to ditch her Skittles-encrusted outfits, but I’d like to send them a bottle of Dom as a thank you. I’m so in love with her new Baroque-inspired looks–not only are they perfectly perfect for the winter season but they compliment her dusky hues and dark hair better than her neon styles ever could.

But let us examine exactly what makes this look work, shall we? As you know, I usually loathe high-low hems, but the structured fabric and lengths keep the “mullet” dress from looking tacky and cheap and doesn’t clash with the rest of the garment.

While the front hem is a tad on the short side for my liking, it does work. Her shoes pair perfectly with the dress and her hair is intricate without being fussy and distracting.

Overall, tres gorgeous, K.Per, don’t you agree? Or are you tired of Katy dressing like a piece of Byzantine art?


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  1. Mandy Simoes Said:

    Absolutely love!
    She looks like a young and sexy Queen.
    Love. Love. Love.

  2. rly? Said:

    i liked the dress, so cute.
    Her hairstyle is kinda fine, i was expecting something different than a merge. Maybe usally straíght hair.

    - God job Katy, xoxo

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