Katy Perry: Being Famous For Nothing Is “Disgusting”

Avert your eyes, Kardashian clan. Katy Perry is calling out “celebrities” who are famous for no good reason.

“I think if you’ve got a talent or something to offer, a creative thing to offer to the world, then I think that’s beautiful,” she told Rolling Stone. “But that famous for nothing thing is kind of gross. Useless fame is disgusting.”

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Hear hear, K.Per. I totally think it’s time Hollywood had a well-defined caste system, with true talents rising to the top and refusing to mingle with the Kim Kardashians, the Paris Hiltons and yes, even the Nicole Richies. Funny tho N.Rich is, what is she famous for? Same goes for you, Kelly Osbourne.

Or do you think that having a reality show and being semi-funny on social media is enough earn you fame? Which famous-for-no-reason “celeb” irks you the most? Or do you not care why someone has three million Instagram followers as long as they’re entertaining?


  1. KatieeClaire Said:

    I think when people are famous for no reason that it’s annoying. There are so many talented people that would love to have a second of the spotlight, and people who do absolutely nothing, like Kim K, get it effortlessly.

  2. UpperEastSider Said:

    Dealing with so-called “celebutantes”? NAH! They’re simply annoying. Really. Look at the Kardashians, espcially Kylie & Kendall. Do they (and those who loved them) think that they’re KOOL? F*ck off. Seriously. But, I can’t hate Paris Hilton. Mainly because I love her life. HAHAHA! Kill me…

  3. Carina Van der Woodsen Said:

    Well …I agree with Katy Perry. She has talent and she fought to become a pop star. But the Kardashian’s family became famous because Kim Kardashian made a sex tape, if that’s a good example to anyone, I don’t know what a good example is to anyone anymore. Nothing against them, they do whatever they feel good doing but on this subject I agree with Katy Perry.

  4. Cristina Said:

    I don’t think there’s such thing of being famous for no reason, if you’re famous you’re doing something right.

  5. Elisabeth Said:

    Listen to katy perry live and than we can talk about no talent the world is not a fair place if it was than katey perry wouldnt be famous out there are many people who have mor talent than her, its not called show buissness just for fun its all about creating an image and selling it. That is what the kardeshians do they sell a livestyle while katey perry is trying to sell her talent, they are famouse because we make them famous not because somebody gave them some kind of rigth to be famous

  6. L Said:

    Weird because so many people are much more talented than Katy Perry… all she is good for is the occasional (and annoying) pop song. Undeniably she has a great singing voice, but she is no more talented than half of my friends who sing for fun. Who cares if the Kardashians did nothing to be famous? There are SO many celebrities who are famous just BECAUSE. And everyone is still so intrigued with their life, so as Cristina said, they must be doing something right. Can everyone just relax?

  7. Maddy Said:

    Well, to Cristina and L: have you thought about the people who are famous for the wrong reason? and I’m not bashing Paris or Kim, I’m talking about murderer, terrorist, etc. Those are famous, they must have done something right, right? no.
    But it’s true that you’re never famous for no reason though.

  8. AverageGirl Said:

    How about we stop calling out celebrities with no talent and focus on the millions of people making (and keeping) them famous?
    No amount of sex tapes, reality shows and rich family members could make you famous if people wouldn’t care about it.

  9. Ally Said:

    Says the girl who’s famous for hair dye, wigs and auto tune. Bitch we’ve all heard u live check your privilege.

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