Katy Perry Congratulates Herself On Being “The American Dream”

Let us never say that Katy Perry has issues with her self esteem. The green-haired star gave herself a huge pat on the back during a recent interview.

“I’m an American girl that had a dream, executed a dream, came from nothing — and that really is the American dream,” she said. “I’m happy to be that example and hopefully inspire other people to do that.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

I agree that Katy really is one of those self-made starlets, unlike, say Kate Upton whose daddy is rich (it helps, trust me) or any one of the Kardashian offspring. So, good for her. I just wish she could take a page from my playbook and force one of her many famous friends to compliment her rather than trying to do it herself.

But anyway, I’m going to forgive this little social gaffe, but only because Katy says she’s determined to educate herself while she’s touring, and has been stopping at national monuments and museums–rather than the malls.

“I thought, instead of shopping my way around the world, why not educate my way around the world?” she said.

So bravo to you KP, I suppose you do rather deserve some kudos. But you know it’s just not in my nature to flatter anyone but myself. You know you love me…XOXO.

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