Katy Perry’s Indecent Indian Incident

If I were to charge Katy Perry with a crime, it wouldn’t be anything more serious than unflattering fashion and terrible taste in boys. But apparently the good people of India feel differently. I hear that K.Per could face a charge of indecency (that exists?) (lock me away for life, darlings) in India after her raunchy on-stage dance with cricket player Doug Bollinger in April. Katy shouldn’t be surprised that cricket fans were offended–how could a sport that dull ever have spicy spectators?

Neither celeb has been officially charged and won’t have to appear in court to contest the claim, but if you were Katy, would you tone down your sexy style…or amp it up even more?

Katy Perry seen at the Radio 1 Live Lounge in London in a Black Dress with gold Studs and blue hair

Photo Credit: Splash News



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