Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Ready to Be Engaged?

You love who you love, and there’s usually no convincing people otherwise… it’s such a shame because Katy Perry seems to have fallen for womanizer John Mayer, and I’m hearing that these two might be getting engaged sooner rather than later. Shudder...

A source close to the couple is spilling that they’re “very serious” about each other and an engagement could be happening in the not-so-distant-future. In fact, she’s already in with his family–K.Per joined John for his brother’s wedding over the weekend and was reportedly super polite and down-to-earth, not overshadowing the bride and groom on their big day. You know how weddings are… one minute you’re just a guest, the next you’re thinking of ways your party will be better, then you’re pushing girls to the ground for the bouquet (not like that’s happened to me or anything…)

Do you think Katy is ready to walk down the aisle yet again, or should she think long and hard about her decision before she makes another Russell-Brand-kind-of-mistake?

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  1. Sailah Said:

    Honestly i think that Katy Perry deserves someone better! like you said John is a womanizer … and Katy doesn’t need that! & she’s beyond beautiful and she deserves someone who will treat her like a princess not just another girl ! or just play the part to get what “he” wants!

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