Kaylee Defer Talks Gossip Girl Season 6

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In the last episode of Gossip Girl Season 5, Lola Rhodes handed Ivy Dickens her inheritance and gave her a mission: take Lily down. Kaylee Defer, who plays Ivy, told hollywoodlife.com that her character is back, and we assume she’s ready for some more drama…but we’re just going to have to wait to find out what exactly that is.

“They haven’t given us any of the scripts,” Kaylee said. “We have no clue what the story lines are gonna be until like a couple days before.”

But one thing she was able to comment on was Chuck and Blair‘s relationship status. When asked about the two staying together for good this time, she said, “I hope so. I think that they have to, right?”

Do you agree with Kaylee? And are you excited Ivy is back to stir up more trouble in Season 6? Tell us about it in a comment below!


  1. Jayy_Myah Said:

    I believe she’ll do her best in playing Ivy. And I’m sure Ivy is gonna be fighting till the very end trying to take down Lily. But for what I foresee is a possible team up. With who? I can see an episode or two where Gossip Gitl helps Ivy in exchange for something for her. Who knows? In the end Gossip a girl could be looking out for Lily and the rest of the upper east siders. O r maybe she does destine to take down the gang. But if she does, who will she have left to gossip about…? All such a twisting fate. Anyhow, we can only hope everything turns out well for Chair. My best to you all.


  2. MrsDexterHaven Said:

    I love you Kaylee Defer! Chuck and Blair forever!!

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