Kellan Lutz’ Wild and Crazy Birthday Weekend

We’ve got to talk about the elephant in the room….

My oversees spies are reporting that hunky Hercules actor Kellan Lutz celebrated his 29th birthday this weekend in Thailand. But only one lucky lady was invited to the brotastic event–a blonde, wearing a white bikini and angel wings, riding in on a baby elephant. Not cliche at all….

Kellan Lutz Extra


The boys donned matching tees that read, “A celebration of life” on the front and “Where it Happens… Phuket Happy Birthday Kellan” on the back–which begs the question, is this a guy’s birthday weekend or a sorority party?

In all seriousness though, I do hope my future ex husband had a great birthday. What should he do in his final year of his twenties? Let’s create the bro bucket list in the comments below! XOXO

Click here to see pics from his party!


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  1. Nora Said:

    I was sure the elephant would be his orange-yellowish hair… Why oh why ruin such a perfect man with something so trivial?

  2. Pepper Said:

    I agree with Nora on the hair dilemma, a bit too 90s Timberlake for my liking, which means that in my opinion his first task on his bro bucketlist is a trip to the salon!

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