Fashion Don’t: Kelly Clarkson at the ACM Awards

There is no worse feeling than realizing you’ve indulged in a few too many petit fours and have to buy a dress a size larger than you’d prefer. But, as every fashionista knows, it isn’t the number on the label that counts–it’s how the dress fits. If you need to go up a size you always should rather than pour yourself into a petite just to say you did.

Kelly Clarkson did not get this memo.

kelly clarkson


Ugh, poor Kelly. For last night’s ACM awards, not only did she choose a dress in my least favorite shade–this color should only be seen on rental cars and mermaid costumes–but it’s obviously a size too small. Avoid K.Clark’s mistake and go up a size if necessary then have it tailored to fit your exact curves.

How would you style Kelly to flatter her ample figure? A looser gown with short hemline? Or cinch and pinch her into a corset style dress?

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  1. Blair Said:

    I am A huge fan of KC and love her songs, but sorry that is not the right size or color. At least I think her hair looks really beautiful :-)

  2. Allen Said:

    I Think She Looks Great! …… I’d Love To Wake Up Under Her Every Morning…….. Admittedly, That Dress Is Not My Favorite Color , But The Dress Nicely Flatters Her Hair Color & Complexion……

    Her Body Is Gorgeous & Sexy, I Don’t Get The Homo Thing Of Guy’s Wanting Their Woman To Have A Man’s Figure – Gees, Just Come Out & Get A Guy Already!…. Or The Jealous Women Haters…

    That Woman Is Hotter Than Georgia Asphalt! ! !

    Gossip Girl – Jealous Much ? ? ? – Let’s See Your Pictures! ! !

  3. Layna Said:

    Oh just leave the poor girl alone. Not everyone can be as thin and petit as you GG. I’m sure she feels just as awkward in it as she looks.

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