WTF Alert: Kelly Osbourne’s Instagram Makeout

To me, an appropriate public display of affection is enthusiastically nodding during a runway show (while sitting front row, of course). To Kelly Osbourne, on the other hand, it’s touching tongues with her new beau – outside the mouth – snapping a photo, and posting it for her millions of followers to “enjoy.” I suppose this makes it very clear that she has moved on from her terminated engagement with Matthew Mosshart, but still: ew.

Kelly posted this photo with model¬†Ricki Hall¬†earlier this week, captioning it #tastesgood (double ew). I don’t know, dolls, but I think this drastic photo evidence solidifies all the rumors going around about Ricki being Kelly’s new boyfriend.

I do wonder, though, how Ricki’s former-ish girlfriend Lauren Capulet is taking this. The model pair never made their breakup official, as is often the case with less famous people, and Lauren was still posting photos of the two kissing on her Instagram in late May. Lauren, doll, I hope you got the memo before the rest of the world did, because if not: this is surely an Insta-slap in the face.

Minions, let these back to back makeout Instagrams serve as a lesson. Never post PDA on social media that you will come to regret if you are on the slower recovery end of a breakup. Pitiful is not a good look on anyone. XOXO.

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