Ooh La Luxe: Kelly Osbourne’s Million Dollar Manicure

Diamonds are forever, unless of course they last only as long as your manicure does. May I introduce you to the world’s most expensive mani–aka my next salon experience. Kelly Osbourne showed off her $1 million nails (yes, you read that right… $1 million) during the Azature Black Diamond Affair at Sunset Tower in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

The “Fashion Police” co-host donned the white diamond mani and then gushed on Twitter, “Last night I had the honor of being the only girl in the world to test out the Million dollar white diamond #AZATURE manicure!”

kelly osbourne

@kellyosbourne Instagram

A big donation from the sale of the polish will go to help The Sharon Osbourne colon cancer foundation and Race to Erase MS, so if you’re trying to decide if it’s worth it (decisions, decisions…), keep that in mind.

Do you think they nailed the most luxurious mani ever, or does this not even scratch the surface on the future of pricey polish?


@kellyosbourne Instagram

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  1. OASYS Said:

    Aren’t u special kelly u stickup slob. And u dress like a hobbit, you and ur family are losers with no talent .

  2. cassie101 Said:

    Cant believe she spends 1 million dollars on a manicure…there are people all over the world that die of hunger because they have no money. shes just stupid.

  3. Cass Said:

    Instead of spending $1,000,000 on a manicure to encourage donations to certain charities, why don’t you just donate to the charity and get a regular manicure? Or even just do your own nails.

  4. hannahmontana Said:

    wow, that was very generous of you fat blob. next time, please use a certain percentage of that million dollar on clothes which’d make you look good. oh well, that’d be impossible though!

  5. NN Kasie Said:

    That was last year !WTF

  6. Amy Said:

    I can’t believe how horrible some of these comments are. The manicure may be over the top but there is no need for the personal attacks.

  7. Alice Said:

    Wow, this is appalling. This just shows how much some celebrates really only care about themselves, even thought they donated a petty amount to the other charities there are people ALL OVER DYING OF HUNGER, but good thing Kelly is joyful and happy with her diamond nails. This really makes me feel so shitty about my generation.

  8. shauna Said:

    Woah, a lot of the donation is going to a cancer charity and you’re complaining? Think of what you’d have to say if that money was going to the charity to help you. It’s rude and disrespectful of all of you for those comments. Who’s to say they’re not donating money to charities every other day and we don’t know about it? Don’t judge them just because they have the money to do this. It’s not like you’d give away all of your money to charity if you had as much. They earnt it at the end of the day

  9. T Said:

    It is for charity people ! Read the whole thing before you start attacking !!
    Though I think she should maybe save some of the money to get some clothes that won’t make her look like she is topless.. But still guys.. Not cool to attack a good cause ! No matter what you think of the person doing it !

  10. EZ Said:

    If it’s for charity, I’m okay with it.

  11. Hannah Said:

    If it’s for a charity then it’s fine. Plus it doesn’t seem like someone would just pay a million dollars for their nails to be painted for no reason. Did the people hating on this even read the whole thing? Get your information before you start. I mean ir sounds like you don’t want her to donate to a cancer charity.

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