Floral Fashion Faceoff: Kelly Osbourne vs. Victoria Justice

Spotted: Victoria Justice and Kelly Osbourne donning floral Vera Wang dresses at the designer’s party to celebrate her new Rodeo Drive store in Beverly Hills. While I think both celebs look stellar, we know that only one It Girl can rule the red carpet at a time. Let’s break down both of their looks…

Kelly Osbourne and Victoria Justice

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Kelly, striking her best and most pretentious Victoria Beckham pose, chose a fitted floral sheath and accessorized with a leather belt and black pumps. I do enjoy her hair style and makeup, but this dress is way too tight. It’s pulling unflatteringly across her arms, hips, chest and armpits, which means she should’ve gone up a size.

As for Vic, she opted for a mini dress from Wang’s resort 2014 collection that features 3D florets and accents. I like the dress but the prom-like shoes clash with the rugged belt–she should’ve picked one vibe and went with it.

So loves, I must declare VJ the winner of this fashion faceoff… what’s your opinion?


  1. LaRotunda Said:

    Kelly slayed it. Victoria looks like she’s going to the mall.

  2. Kalyn Said:

    Victoria looks 15, even though she’s in her 20’s..her dress wasn’t age appropriate. She isn’t on nickelodeon anymore. Kelly wins. She looks fab

  3. kailani Said:

    Victorias dress is so unique and stunning. And her shoes are incredible. Could’ve done without the belt though. She looks so fresh and young and beautiful of course vic wins

  4. Jared Said:

    Victoria all the way! :)

  5. Robijn Said:

    Kelly rocks it! Victoria is a beautiful girl but this look is just to much! Losecthe belt and some nude heels would have been much better! Kelly’s look is clean and i dont’t think the dress is to tight.. She looks beautiful! Sorry vic you lost the battle in. My opinion

  6. Esme Said:

    Kelly’s fat, so VJ wins hands down.

  7. Alexia Said:

    I have to give it to Kelly O! She just knows how to make herself look skinnier, while Victoria does de exact opposite… Plus hers accessorizing wasn’t too good

  8. Jazz Said:


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