Cute or Ew: Kelly Osbourne’s New Head Tattoo

Yes minions, you read that correctly–Kelly Osbourne is now rocking a tattoo on her head, joining the esteemed head-tat ranks of Cee Lo Green, Jamie Foxx and Birdman. Um…cool.

As you know, I’m not a fan of the half-shaved ‘do. Even if it does look cool when it’s fresh (it doesn’t) it will possibly be the worst grow-out imaginable. So why Kelly felt the need to make her head even stranger, I do not understand. And just what exactly does her inking say?

Mais oui, minions it says STORIES. What that’s supposed to mean, I have no idea. Perhaps it’s a directive, like “Read me stories!” or simply a declaration of things she likes. In that case maybe I’ll ink REVENGE on my body, no?

I shant mince words: I hate that tattoo. I think it’s trashy. But, the silver lining is that once she decides to grow her hair back, go vanished the tat. There darlings, you have my opinion on the matter now please tell me your own. And also, if you were to get some ink on your head–just one word!–what would it say and why?


  1. Is Said:

    I kinda hate everything Kelly Os-BORING touches, so I’m not too surprised at her tacky new ink.

  2. Kallie Said:

    Can’t wait for that hair to grow out but then she’ll find something even worse to do to herself

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