Not Shocking: Kendall and Kylie Jenner Show Some Skin On Instagram

Giggle, giggle indeed, Kendall Jenner.

Kim’s baby sisters stole a sliver of the Instagram spotlight for themselves after Kylie—and her crop top– posted a photo that includes model sibling Kendall in a bitty bikini.



Ah, spending your days lounging poolside and laughing? Well done, ladies. Although it’s a shame Kylie wasn’t in the mood to take a dip.

“get off me bae” she captioned the image. Teen angst? Maybe. Or perhaps Ms. Ky was too busy continuing her Kimsformation. See photos for evidence:




Believe it or not, the youngest spawn of Kris Jenner turned 17 just a mere two weeks ago. I know. I know. The extensions. The lips. 17 is the new 37.

What do you think of KJ’s new look? Time for mama Kris to take away the makeup artist?



  1. Angela R. Smith Said:

    You can clearly see that Kylie does not want her sister to get her wet cause she isn’t wearing a swimsuit and is wearing an expensive watch, paired with other jewelry, with her hair and make-up done, and wearing boots. Also, Kylie isn’t trying to transform into Kim, cause she had to get extensions for a photo-shoot. Advice coming from another “gossip website” writer; get your story confirmed first, and write it second.

  2. dai coneray Said:

    i think she is prettier than Kim actually now. When she was at the VMAs with her sisters she was absolutely stunning!!! I jsut hope she doesnt turn out trashy and stuff. Kendall is a respected model getting away from the “reputation” I hope Kylie follows suit. KEEP IT CLASSY KYLIE!!!

  3. bellasue Said:

    Keep it classy, how about start being classy. So far not.

  4. gossip girl Said:

    love this hermes bag

    but for a 17 year old to have a $20,000 bag is ridiculous

  5. Cool Chic Said:

    @gossip girl: “but for a 17 year old to have a $20,000 bag is ridiculous”. For ANYONE to have a $20,000 bag is ridiculous.

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