Are Kendall and Kylie Jenner Getting Their Own Talk Show?

The latest rumor going around in Hollywood is that reality darlings Kendall and Kylie Jenner may be getting their own talk show just like Mama Jenner (and I’m sure it’ll be cancelled just as fast…) Hollywood Life is reporting that the girls are in talks to create a show focusing on teen issues.

“So far, they both love the idea, and if it did happen, they’d want to focus on subjects like self-esteem, dating, fashion, and celebrity interviews,” an insider whispered. “There is a really strong market for this right now, and between the two of them, they have so many fans.”

I can only imagine what the show would be like…

Opening Monologue:

Advice to Guests with Problems:

Selfie Breaks:

Secrets to Their Success:

And Of Course More Selfie Breaks:

Ugh. Will this show fail faster than Kris’ attempt or do you think the girls are enough of a trainwreck on their own to capture everyone’s attention?


  1. Kalyn Said:

    ughh I really hope not

  2. Miss KT Danger Said:

    Hard to say. I think they appeal to a younger audience so prob be better that Kris.

    Honestly, I like these 2 a lot more than rest.

  3. DANA S Said:


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