OMFGorgeous: Kendall Jenner’s Model Mayhem

If your pre-summer diet is filled with more PopTarts than protein shakes, allow me to present you with some fitspo in the form of Kendall “My Life Is So Hard” Jenner, who just signed a contract to be a bikini model with the brand Agua Bendita. Check out her stunning body…

kendall jenner bikini

Agua Bendita

The bikini brand has also helped launch the career of Victoria’s Secret beauty Candice Swanopoel, and KJ has made no secret that joining the ranks of VS is on her bucket list.

The Kardashian beauty clearly has what it takes to make it in the modeling world, but I wonder if her reality star background will help her chances of ruling the runway…or hurt it. Any guesses, minions? XOXO.

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  1. tori Said:

    This girl and her younger sister just aren’t that attractive,just don’t see it at all!

  2. joblo Said:

    She’s not a Kardashian; her father is Bruce JENNER.

  3. ti Said:

    Haters haters haters they’re all beautiful

  4. Sweetheart Said:

    In my opinion, after watching a lot of modeling shows, its not always the pritiest that is the best model the one to deliver the vision always comes out on top. Good luck to her i think she will do alright.

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