WTF Alert: Kendall Jenner Buys Her Twitter Followers

Kendall Jenner is certainly gorgeous, but is she really interesting enough to merit on 7.98 million Twitter followers? Does the equivalent New York City really need real-time updates of KJ’s life? Um no, as it turns out, she is not. I hear that Kendall has been purchasing her supposedly faithful followers!

In Touch magazine used’s fakers app to check the veracity of KJ’s fans, and discovered that 4.6 million of those accounts are in fact “fake” or inactive.

Kendall Jenner 2014 Billboard Awards Red Carpet


“Kendall and her sisters have bought a good amount of their followers,” dished a source, adding that since KJ often gets paid to tweet about a product, the more followers she has, the bigger her payday.

But while I’m all about making money, this is totally gross and weird. Could anything be more pathetic than literally buying your digital friends? And what’s worse, I hear that Kendall isn’t the only star doing it! I’ve heard whispers for years that Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and of course, Kendall’s sis Kim Kardashian have padded their Instagram and Twitter accounts with faux followers. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if every celeb did it, would you?

But why? Does it really matter if you have 3.4 million followers or 7.5? Does that really help you sleep better at night on your Frette sheets, Kendall?

Tell me, my social media savvy minions; does this make you look at everyone’s accounts a little more skeptically? Or does this kind of make you want to purchase a pack of pals yourself?


  1. kaela Said:

    how much does she pay? sounds like a good side job lol

  2. reana Said:

    And she has 10 million on insta….maybe those are fake too. Have you seen kendal’s and kylie’s insta? They only have spam. Not a single real comment.

  3. no Said:

    @reana so true! :o

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