Scene & Heard: Why Kendall Jenner Might Skip College

“She’ll probably have a career by the time she’s out of high school. If that’s what she wants to do, that’s good. I don’t know if college is going to be that important for her.” Bruce Jenner admitted that higher education wasn’t a top priority for his 16-year-old model daughter, Kendall.

The Kardashian clan certainly has their fare share of questionable judgment calls, but this one takes the cake, darlings. In the oh-so-unlikely event that Kendall isn’t the next Heidi Klum, should KJ have a backup plan that doesn’t involve living off Kim’s millions?

Kendall and Bruce Jenner

Photo credit: Splash News


  1. Neta Onwuzulike Said:

    I think it is better all the family come together 2 discuss on the kind of university that she would like to go to and find out fact about the uni so that she be a better woman in future and also it is better that Kim and Bruce should not be fighting and rather come together upgrade their last daughter so that she can be more than her other sister or even to be better than them

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