Kendall Jenner Demands An Apology From Waitress Over Money-Throwing Incident

At this point in her celebrity, Kendall Jenner has been called just about every name you can think of, from borderline crotch-flasher to Twitter phony to Harry Styles obsessor, and she never says a peep. But accuse her of tossing money at a waitress and storming out of a restaurant? GAME ON.

As I told you, a waitress said that KJ and Hailey Baldwin (who I just cannot with) threw a fit at Mercer Kitchen when the staff refused to serve them booze and stormed out without paying their entire bill. When the server, Blaine Morris, chased her down the street to settle up, Blaine says Kendall peeled off a few bills and threw them in her face.

Kendall’s lawyer insisted KJ “politely handed” Blaine the money after she and Hailey “inadvertently forgot to take care of the bill before walking out.” And they’re taking things one step further by issuing a a cease-and-desist letter to Blaine, and threatened to sue if she doesn’t!

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“As you know, when you waited on my client at Mercer Kitchen last week, there was no issue with service whatsoever. There was absolutely no scene as described in the Statements and the Tweet,” hissed Kendall’s lawyer. “Although you are working as a waitress…I understand that you are also a struggling actress whose credits include a handful of television appearances. You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself and raise your own public profile.”

Ugh. I love how celebrities always think people owe them an apology. I feel greatly wronged by many of Kendall’s fashion/life choices, but you don’t see me threatening to sue if she doesn’t issue me a mea cupa, do you? No.

Do you think that KJ’s accuser is doing this just to boost her own image or is Kendy totes guilty and just does’t know when to apologize herself?


  1. Jewels Said:

    How can anyone believe Kendall’s story after Scott shoved a hundred dollar bill in a waiter’s MOUTH. It runs in the family.

  2. babyblues Said:

    Seriously…she feels that everyone is wooing and gushing over her… She dined and dashed never thinking the gal would come after her to pay her bill. Did Baldwin pay her part? Since the waitress only chased down one of them.

  3. frozenelsa Said:

    GOsh, this family is all full of idiots! Why are they famous anyway?!

  4. Terri Said:

    I’d like Kendall Jenner to apologize to me for insulting my intelligence.

  5. Rosie Tan Said:

    Seriously?!? This biatch thinks she can get away with everything?and now demands an apology?stupid attention seeker! She should be given a lesson

  6. Mixedgirl101 Said:

    Scott isn’t the Jenner family… I know they make mistakes but doesn’t everyone??? Kendall Jenner is already famous… And throwing money at people and treating them like shit wouldn’t help her career at all… Instead what it would do is make less magazines want her incase of bad publicity for having her and KJ isn’t dumb! I think the waitress took her story a bit too far to get more publicity and make KJ look bad… Waitress if you’re meant to become famous you will… JUST WAIT YOUR TURN

  7. Amy Said:

    That’s disgusting!!! I would’ve chased her down too! Just to SLAP her right across that resting bitch face!! The world does NOT need more of her type. Celebrities think they’re untouchable, but just wait until she comes across the wrong “peasant” ! LOL

  8. Amy Said:

    And it’s sue* she’s not sewing fabric GG, fix your title !

  9. PleaseDon't Said:

    Say what you want but I actually believe Kendall. Oh, and it’s spelled ‘mea culpa’, my dear.

  10. Candice Said:

    Kendall is right in this. I believe her.

  11. bee Said:

    I believe the waitress.

    Seriously…it was only the two girls having lunch,but they “inadvertently forgot to take care of the bill before walking out.” I’m calling BS on that. The spoiled brat acts entitled, like she can get away with anything she wants.

    There are a few stories floating around about the two younger K’s that are not very flattering. They act as if they can do whatever they wish and its ok because of who they are…WRONG…dine and dash IS illegal. Ugh.

  12. kloe Said:

    How do you just walk out of a restaurant and “forget” to pay the bill

  13. Kalyn Said:

    Someone said Kendall isn’t dumb? Let’s go back to when she couldn’t even read 5 Seconds of Summer and called them One Direction because she’s the worst reader…but she might’ve done it because she’s obsessed with Harry Styles.

  14. Lana Said:

    This website is a load of crap haha. Worst grammar ever.

  15. Bini Said:

    .she only does this bcoz she want to be in spotlight that$ all nyway who gives her so attention and she thinks the world iz walking around in her foot so as people…

  16. Eliana Said:

    Love the Kardashian/ Jenner clan. But I am definitely not surprised when I hear this story. Knowing Kendall, this is very much something she’d do. But, I can’t believe it till I see it so

  17. Laura Said:

    Perhaps Kendall didn’t Always make the best choices in life, but I find it hard to believe she would throw the money… As a celeb it is all about popularity and throwing money doesn’t really help with that. I guess the lawyer is right, the waitress just wants some attention to boost her own carreer… that’s just how people are.

    Of course I still think Kendall shoud apologize for running of…

  18. Really? Said:

    I think your all a bunch of retards if you believe this? Why would she get her lawyer to send a letter to the waitress for her to tell the truth if she was lying? All this name calling is probably the reason she wants an apology, if your famous your sure to get set up by some half wit waitress that wants her 10 seconds of fame. Apparently she had already paid part of the bill, maybe she thought the bill was settled, or even just simply forgot. I don’t think for a second she would act in that way

  19. AryaStarkOfWinterfell Said:

    Valar Morghulis, KJ. Some biatch/attention whore you are.

  20. Shayn Said:

    A lot of you are just haters. I have no love for Kendall Jenner or her trashy family, but for goodness sake use your common sense assuming you have any. This girl has no reason whatsoever to get her lawyer involved if she was lying. More than likely the waitress did fabricate the story in hopes that it would bring her career into the spotlight, the problem here is that when you make up lies about someone and media gets ahold of it, you can be sued for slander.

  21. eva Said:

    Waiting tables is hard enough without people throwing money in your face, it’s the last thing you need.

    The Kardashians are just plain rude- seriously I watched that show once and I honestly can’t believe anyone would want to hang out with them (especially Kendall, man she looks like such a bitch to me).

    I say you don’t apologize!
    She’s never going to sue, she’s just trying to get attention by threatening (isn’t that what they all do?)!

    Have a good day ;)

  22. Michelle Said:

    Kendell owes the waitress an apology. Rich and no manners, no class!
    Yet another example of terrible behavior from the rich and famous

  23. rose Said:

    Its easy to judge when you have no idea what happened in the situation. For all we know it could’ve been kendalls fault or the waitress. You cant judge or say anything if you didnt see it with your own eyes. Talk about something more important than “celebrities” who can care less about what any of us have to say.

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