Kendall Jenner Is Desperate For Harry Styles

Looks like Kendall Jenner is taking some inspiration from the one and only Blair Waldorf


That’s right, Upper East Siders… I hear the lil Kardashian has her eyes set on something and won’t stop until it’s hers. And it sounds like the thing she wants is Harry Styles. No. No. Nooo. I just can’t with this couple anymore. They’re so boring together. Say what you will about Taylor Swift, but at least her relationship with Harry was interesting to report on, antique shopping and all.

But I digress… a source close to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is spilling to the Daily Star that KJ is planning to woo HS back when he and his One Direction bandmates are in America for their Where We Are world tour. She’s apparently scored herself some VIP tickets to inch her way backstage and make him hers yet again.

kendall jenner


“The few times Kendall’s seen Hazza since their split have made her all the more desperate to get her claws into him again,” the source snitched. “She believes he’s ‘The One’ and has been telling all her friends they are meant to be together.”

What do you think it’s going to take for Kendall to snag Harry again? And do you even want these two to rekindle their romance? Don’t hold back, darlings… you know I never do. XOXO


  1. Debra Haddad Said:

    Sunday evening I had the Kardashian’ s in Thailand.a beautiful vacation with the Jenner boys.The program is 50-50,you and little sister go exploring and DON’T let anyone immature are are not your sisters keeper.Bruce should have sent you both home.and zzz chlomar could go with you.I am sure your family are good people but, your program shows you as quite dysfunctional.spoiled grateful for what you have. Do you want to be known as a “l. Lohan” brat. the road you are on.

  2. Claire Said:

    ^ Can you even English?

  3. Leïla Said:

    No no no and no !! she’s so crazy !!!!!

  4. Ângela Said:

    no no no no and no!!! kendall is so boring! and I bet that he isn’t “the one” for her!! just no

  5. Larry Said:

    But he’s gay.

  6. hehe Said:

    Harry’s her GBF

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