Feud Alert Update: Kendall Jenner Strikes Back at Francis Bean Cobain

It might be a little delayed, but Kendall Jenner has finally come back with a response to Francis Bean Cobain‘s harsh tweet that called her an “idiot” after the Kardashian sis whined on Twitter about life being hard.

She finally responded with: “An individual’s feelings are relative to their environment. You don’t know me. You don’t even know what I’m referring to. I am aware that I am very privileged and blessed and I’m thankful for that every day. I know there are greater problems in the world. I pray for those people every night and give back as much as I can. So who are you to judge me?” (Yes, I fixed the grammar…)

I’m kind of into her response. While I see Francis’ point, I also see Kendall’s now. I mean, who doesn’t wish things could be easier sometimes? I bet Francis wishes it were easier to stay relevant without having to slam a 17-year-old on Twitter.

Who do you think won this battle? Declare your winner in a comment below!

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  1. A Said:


  2. sami Said:

    Kendall, for class. Frances was just vulgar and self-absorbed. She had none of the ‘high IQ’ she boasted.

  3. sami Said:

    That said, cite your sources. You should know better, GG. Where and how did Kendall post her reply? I don’t see it on her Twitter.

  4. Matt Said:

    kendall by a longshot

  5. Nicole Said:

    I just wish all the Kardashians would just go away! I am so sick of them, hearing about them, seeing them. They just need to go.

  6. Tonya Said:

    I agree with Nicole. Their 15 minutes of fame should be up right about now. Ding! I think you’re done!

  7. Tonya Said:

    I agree with Nicole. Their 15 minutes of fame should be up right about now. Ding! I think they’re done!

  8. Ally Said:

    I couldn’t agree more with Nicole.

  9. PaganRaven Said:

    Sorry, but I’m with Francis. Although maybe this particular Kardashin doesn’t care for the spotlight..who knows? But it does seem the whole family has to go through a daily ego feed. Stick a fork in it Kardashins. You’re done!

  10. EricaBossLady Said:

    Kendall clearly won this battle. I personally couldn’t had said it better myself.

  11. Lauren Said:

    Kendall. By far. She brought the class to the arena!

  12. xoxo_anon Said:

    Kendall’s version of “hard” must be going shopping, having a team of people do her hair and makeup for her, and getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to pretty much do nothing. I know, I know, all the Kardashian-Jenner fans out there will retaliate with “She does too work! She models! She walks red carpets! She has a television show!” Yeah, whatever. So sick of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. They’re all out of touch with reality.

  13. JACQUELINE Said:


  14. unnamed Said:

    Frances won. Kendall looked so bad telling she prays everynight for others, that’s a private thing, it only sounds like she wants to look good, How cheap!!

  15. d7tu66a Said:

    I salute to kendall jenner. Who’s she to judge you? Beside she doesn’t what you’re talking about……you’re brilliant jenner •

  16. Vici Said:


  17. lis Said:

    she is the daughter of a legend…who´s kendall?

  18. Michelle Said:

    Why the hell are the Kardashians even famous
    Frances has courage because she said what everyone else was thinking when they saw the tweet. Kendall probably had someone who wrote the tweet for her to analyze the cards she could play so she could get the sympathy vote. Frances might get the “wow your a bi$*h,” but she said what was needed to be said maybe next time with a little more class tho

  19. Kelli Said:

    It is not her fault that she was born into that family. You don’t pick your parents! You are all just jealous. If you do not like the show, don’t watch. Grow up!

  20. anonymous Said:

    LOL @ all the dramatic people on here. Nobody “won”… it wasn’t a contest.maybe y’all should meet them before you judge them. I’m not taking a side, but I think its silly to pay attention to another person’s life. Celebrities are just the same as you and I. Only difference is that most of them have connections. XOXO,
    The real GOSSIP GIRL

  21. Ivy Said:

    I just wish all things Kardashian/Jenner would just go away, I am just sick of hearing about them,seeing them and everything related to them.
    Its just awful how much attention they are given and it is always for the wrong reasons!
    they have zero talent and I just have had it! its disgusting!

  22. Andrea Said:

    Kendall won in my mind. When she tweeted that life was hard, she didn’t mean like she was starving and poor… people tweet all the time how their life sucks when it isn’t. I think it was kind of mean for Francis to go off on her for a stupid tweet. And Kendall’s response was much classier than Francis’s

  23. Steez Said:

    Francis…kendall will selll her private part fo fame..lil whore!!

  24. Jessica Said:

    Kendall! Just because someone is famous or a celebrity doent mean that they dont go threw hard times, or family issues. Why hate people that you dont even know, that is this countries problem, we as Americans are so quick to turn on each other and Judge each other. God is our only judge. People need to learn to live and be happy, why hate people youll never meet? & Kendalls response shows class and that shes not all about drama! Keep it classy & never trashy!

  25. Hazel Green Said:

    Having Courtney Love as a mother couldn’t have been easy. Plus growing up in the 1990’s I have special place in my heart for Kurt Cobain. Never understood the fascination with the Kardashian family. Kim gets famous for a sex tape… Nice people… ick!

  26. Izzy Said:

    Kendall’s father is an Olympic medallist she doesn’t come from a nobody family and Kendall isn’t a Kardashian she is Jenner.Kendall won the argument as she didn’t use and vulgar language she spoke with class where as Nicole was just plain rude

  27. franco Said:

    Do you think kendall has had enought time to outsource a reply….you can pay anyone to write a great response….

  28. EZMoneyFreak Said:

    People invest more time in your future instead!! ..For Real !!
    I am now rich!! YEA BABY!!..
    With some time invested & in just less than a year..

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